Wednesday, May 18, 2005

SBN 21

Whoever it was that said time flies fast wasn't kidding. Only a week ago, i was in Bataan and then Baguio with a group of friends. The 4 days spent outside Manila did wonders for me. As you know, i recently resigned from angelicum college. I submitted my resume to SBN 21 before i left for Baguio, and while i was in Baguio, i got the call for an interview. So i went to the interview this monday not knowing what to expect, and a day later, i found myself starting work here at the Southern Broadcasting Network. I must admit that the task at hand is daunting, but i also have to admit that it is challenging. Re-learning marketing techniques and developing models and frameworks for marketing strategies almost sounds ominous, but hey, i love a good challenge. I was told i will be assigned to our tarlac station, but so far, it's all training ang re-learning everything i learned and decided to forget in college. Until my next misadventure, adios.

Monday, May 16, 2005

hehehehehehe wala lang. tagal na ko di nag-blog kaya nagpaparamdam lang ako sa inyo.

Monday, May 09, 2005


As i was preparing my stuff to take home from the office, i realized that Angelicum has been my second home for more than half my life and that leaving it means leaving my second family behind-- the angelicum family. But as they say, we all have to move out sometime and that time is NOW for me.
I will miss all the wonderful people who made my stay in Angelicum the most memorable. Don't worry, i will still be the "doting father of the alumni" as one student called me. For now, this is just farewell, and not goodbye. When we see each other again, i hope that we are better off than when we last parted.
So long, Angelicum, until we meet again.