Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ADB! Wow!

We had lunch at the executive dining room of the Asian Development Bank in Ortigas, and upon entering the ADB Compound, we all said "wow!". The place is definitely high tech as well as elegant. We were invited by Rollie Sensei to a "working lunch" to discuss further the plans to renovate the Marikina Zendo. Marites Palad and i met at Riverbanks mall and went to the Podium to meet with Sars. We then proceeded to ADB where we underwent two security checks (our bags had to pass through two x-ray machines!). We were met by our gracious host, Rollie sensei at the visitors lounge. We also met Ning Tan and her draftsman Froilan at the opposite visitors lounge. Froilan took note of what we want to prioritize for the renovation. Lunch was superb. Fourof us decided on the crispy tofu with squid, shrimp and fish, and rollie sensei ordered for us to share the grilled salmon with mashed potatoes. The cake after lunch was excellent, especially the orange cheese cake that Ning got (and which we all shared). We adjourned to the cafeteria (the executive dining room was about to close and we were still not finished with the meeting). We finished around 2:45. The headquarters of ADB definitely knows how to treat its guests right! Wow na wow!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Thank God for internet cafes! I haven't blogged in a very long while and i am so itching to tell you about yesterday. We were fortunate to have with us at the zendo an old member we have not seen in a long while. He migrated to Australia with his family, you see. Who is he? Jim Paredes, of course! He told us that he frequently mentions the zen center in his column at the Star. He even joined us for lunch as he told us about life in australia. Wow! I tried not to show my awe but i guess it showed after all... and me without my camera! Well, as good luck would have it, The APO hiking society will be having their 40th concert soon at the Araneta Colliseum. San Mateo willing, i might just be able to watch that concert. Yun lang.