Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tyranny of the Aquino Regime

For those who do not feel it yet, we in the Philippines are now under a state far worse than martial law. At least with martial law, there was no hiding behind the veil of democracy -- Marcos said it loud and clear that he was placing the nation under martial law.

Not so with the Idiot-in-Chief now sitting in the Palace. He chooses to veil the tyranny now reigning over this hallowed land with talks of "daang matuwid" and democracy, when in truth, democracy in the Philippines is dead. It died last night, at 8.50 pm.

The constitution of the Philippines grants the right of every citizen of the Republic the right to travel. But enemies of Gloria Arroyo (particularly in the Executive branch of government) think and act like they are above the law and the constitution, hindering the former president to travel to Singapore by issuing a watch list order despite a Temporary Restraining Order by the High Court, an order that is effective immediately.

If a person like Gloria Arroyo, with her status and her money and influence could have her right to travel so blatantly taken from her by the powers that be, what about us ordinary citizens?
A person -- an official no less -- who knowingly and deliberately acts in direct violation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in General is tantamount to treason, and all of those involved in this travesty should be hanged.