Thursday, June 30, 2005

IN MEMORIAM: Ma. Virginia Cassandra Rose Filart-Robles

Today, our Yahoo Group ANGELICUM_HS_1991 received word that our classmate and friend Ma. Virginia Cassandra Rose Filart-Robles (Virginia Filart as we came to know her) passed away. She was born December 14, 1974 and died June 29, 2005 due to cardiac arrest.
Date of burial is still to be set by the family pending the arrival of her husband. They have no children. Her body lies in state at La Funeraria Paz, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.


Just when you think the political scenario in this country can go no lower, here comes Susan Roces calling for PGMA's resignation. What a cookie world we live in. The widow of a beaten presidential candidate thinks she can do a Cory Aquino -- even holding a press conference where Cory was sworn into office some 19 or so years ago. Susan, in her best performance yet (maybe she can win a Famas for this one as well) made a stirring speech, in the same fashion as Sister Stella L, calling on the President to resign after "Admitting" she cheated. Susan, Susan. Gloria never admitted cheating. She admitted talking to a Comelec official to check on her votes, that's all. Besides, granting without admitting that she did cheat, so what? What does that biblical phrase say? He who is without sin cast the first stone? Not to sound like i'm justifying or even promoting cheating, but let us face it... Who among FPJ's allies have not cheated? In fact, the only reason why La Gloria is still in power is because the opoosition has lost all credibility to lead a new people power. Besides, People Power has long been abused by the people. We are on the verge of becoming an Argentina in the time of Juan Peron, where almost month after month, a new president was "chosen" by Argentina's "guardians of public interest". So who can lead this nation into the "promised land" that the opposition is promoting? Pimentel has lost all credibility, Lacson is obviously too power-hungry, Erap's a has-been, Susan Roces is just a pawn, Rez Cortez is too contrabida material to be qualified, Binay is, well, too ugly and dark (blechhhh!), Linggoy Alcuaz is ummmm, basta, not him, Escudero is too young, Enrile is too Old, Roco is too sick, Eddie Villanueva is too self-righteous. That leaves only Eddie Gil. Yeba...
As i was watching Susan Roces (i turned down the volume because i'm tired of hearing bullshit everyday), i got the impression na this is one woman who is so full of pride that she refuses to acknowledge that her husband lost --- and that she can no longer be first lady. Besides, Susan Roces is another Imelda in the making. All those portrayals of an "ulirang kababaihan" is just that -- portrayals. That isn't what she is in person. Susan, Stay out of the kitchen because aside from not being able to take the heat, the kitchen is not the place where you should be. You are not the appointed mother of the nation so stop trying to build yourself up as one. Matanda ka na, lead a peaceful life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Robert, thanks for the speedy uploading of pictures. It was great seeing my old classmates in high school. Nagbago nga ang mga itsura, may mga lumapad, tumagkad, pumuti at kung ano-ano pa. pero nakakatawa kasi hindi nagbago sa kakulitan. Andon pa rin ang asaran, kanchawan at tuksuhan. Nabuhay ulit ang group 1 vs groups 2,3,4 rivalry. Pero di pa rin kami nagsawa kahit na lunes ang reunion, and even though the next day was still a working day for many of us, we still managed to stay until about 1:30 in the morning! Anyway, hope the follow-up reunion on Friday in Makati pushes through. Enjoy the pics (courtesy of Robert Dulce).

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(L-R): Balikbayan Christine Viola, Karen Maximo, Rodel, Robert Dulce, Oliver Acosta, Don Rabanal, Elaine Lascano, Anna Faye Munar, Riza Supnet and Ronan Manloza.

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People! Tonight's reunion of Angelicum Batch 1991 will push through at SIDEBAR Ortigas Center at 8:00 pm. See you guys there!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2005


Talk about the devils having a field day. Raul Roco, former Senator and defeated Presidential candidate (although i don't think he will ever concede na he lost... alam niyo na, lahat nananalo...) has joined the call for the resignation of President Arroyo. Oh for heaven's sake, Raul. My clan and I campaigned for you when you were running for Senator, you are my kabanua, my kababayan. Pero naman, stop fuelling the flames of these opportunist oppositionists. By now, most of the people, though dismayed by what is happening, has not lifted a finger to heed the call for another uprising. Why? Eh mas less credible pa yung nagtatawag ng rebolusyon kaysa doon sa gusto pabagsakin na administrasyon eh. The people are tired of being used as toy soldiers of the people hungry for power. Look at the logic na lang... si pimentel, iiyak-iyak pa during the impeachment of Erap and he was the one who resigned pa kuno out of dignity and honor, but look where he is today... he is allied with the Estrada Camp! The same man whose ouster he was a party to! And this same person, Pimentel, is now an ally of the person he ousted, and they are pushing for the ouster of the woman Pimentel helped to become President! What irony! Where is the prinsipyo? Where is the honor? Wala... he had none to begin with... lumaban siya kay Marcos, pero why? Self-preservation. takot mamatay si loko eh. Sila ni Loren, they're all the same. Mga BALIMBING, MGA WALANG UTANG NA LOOB SA TAONG-BAYAN! Mabuti pa si Susan Roces, napag-isip-isip na ayaw niya magpagamit sa mga pu****-**ang mga taga opposition! Parang awa niyo na, TANTANAN NIYO NA ANG TAONG BAYAN! SOBRA NG PAHIRAP, GUSTO NIYO PA BA SI ERAP??!!!!!!


i spoke with a friend last night and she's a station owner of one of the big three oil companies in the country. She was complaining about how the Senate of the Philippines decided to burden the station owners with a new round of taxes (EVAT). Now don't get me wrong. I'm disappointed with the round of oil price hikes myself but knowing my friend, she's really not happy about what's happening. If this new round of taxes are imposed on the stations, pump prices, rightly predicted by mr. consumer-watch joe Concepcion, would jack up to about P50.00 to 55.00 per liter. Wow! That is about 4 liters of every P200.00. And how much does an average worker earn? You mean we have to spend about P200.00 a day just for gas? Sure sure, mag-commute tayo, you say... pero ganoon din... fare is as expensive na rin... I urge Senator Recto, please.... reconsider the burden you will eventually put on the consumer if you tax the station owners exhorbitantly. I am sure you are not stupid or gullible enough to believe that none of these taxes will affect the consumers. Remember, we are the end user here. Papaano kikita ang oil giants? syempre in the end, it's the end user who carries the burden. Back to my friend: she is seriously considering closing her station, and so are other station owners as well. Thinking of the worst-case scenario, she believes that should the prices go up to P50-55 pesos per liter in July, the people will not take this sitting down and massive civil unrest will be in the offing. Let us pray she's worng.

Message to Pearly

please get in touch with me through my email address:


THANKS! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Friday, June 24, 2005


members of Angelicum High School Batch 1991, please attend the mini-reunion on Monday, June 27, 2005 at 7:00 pm at Sidebar in Ortigas Center (EL Pueblo). This is in honor of Tina Viola, who arrived yesterday, June 23 from the United States. It's gonna be a fun night of reminiscing. For more information, visit our yahoo groups (ANGELICUM_HS_1991) or join our yahoo group by entering your e-mail address and clicking on the "join" button at the bottom sidebar of my blog (the one with the dancing Calvin). Thanks and i do hope to see you guys there!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am at the office as I write this blog. I still can't help thinking about our experience at our FM station in Luisita Industrial Park, Tarlac. You see, last June 16, me and my boss went there with a team to check on the status of the station (operations- and marketing-wise). We were there the whole day, and at the end of the day, we were approached by a technician from the station and he showed us a tape recording of one of the shows we produce in Tarlac. The creepy thing about it is that the opening line of the announcer, which was "alright, kids", was repeated by an out-of-this-world voice! The voice was so creepy that it sent shivers down the spine of everyone who heard the recording. The tape and cd and even the original PC-format recording was examined by our audio expert, and to our surprise, even though the voice seemed loud, it barely registered on our program. And to think i was supposed to be assigned there! yikes!

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Mom's Radio Tarlac at Luisita Industrial Park


Hi, pearl. kumusta na? when are you coming back home? kita tayo when you come home. :) ayan... suplado pa ba ako? :) syempre hindi na..... :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

baguio pics

sorry for posting these pics so late... i just reently got them from jackie g. We went to baguio middle of may 2005 and we stayed at the house next to nida blanca's in south drive (near the Baguio Country Club).

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At the Tam-Awan Village (this is the typical Ifugao hut)
with yours truly with Zach, Jessie and Philip

Image hosted by
At the SM Baguio Mall (Such a cool place!)
L-R: Rodel, Joel, Poppo, Zach, Jessi and Philip

Image hosted by
The Group at Mines View Park (wala na yung mga batang sumasalo ng pera sa side ng cliff).

Image hosted by
Enjoying a drink with friends to offset the cold Baguio night

Image hosted by
The ever-beautiful Jackie G. at the Tam-Awan Art Hut

Image hosted by
Jackie G. again, this time at the Tam-Awan Village Art Gallery
Notice the wonderful "Sun Art" (art using magnifying glass to
burn the desired art design on the wooden canvass

It was really an enjoyable 4 days (the first day was spent in Hermosa, Bataan at Poppo's "Rancho". Other places of interest to visit while in Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins, Forest Grill, Crystal Cave, Club John Hay, Wright Park, The Mansion etc.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


My sister and her group from Ayala Museum's Chinese Brushstrokes recently participated in the Reposo Arts Festival held along Reposo St. Makati last May 28-29. Her group also went on Exhibit at the GSIS Museum on the eve of the Chinese New Year. Here are some of her pictures.

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Clockwise, from top left: My Sister (ASVP of Customer Service, MERALCO) with her painting at the RCBC Tower in Makati; Her painting framed in a silk scroll; 2 variation of landscape chinese paintings.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


In recognition of National Flag Day, salutes the philippine flag! MABUHAY ANG BANDILA NG MALAYANG REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS!

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