Monday, June 27, 2005


Talk about the devils having a field day. Raul Roco, former Senator and defeated Presidential candidate (although i don't think he will ever concede na he lost... alam niyo na, lahat nananalo...) has joined the call for the resignation of President Arroyo. Oh for heaven's sake, Raul. My clan and I campaigned for you when you were running for Senator, you are my kabanua, my kababayan. Pero naman, stop fuelling the flames of these opportunist oppositionists. By now, most of the people, though dismayed by what is happening, has not lifted a finger to heed the call for another uprising. Why? Eh mas less credible pa yung nagtatawag ng rebolusyon kaysa doon sa gusto pabagsakin na administrasyon eh. The people are tired of being used as toy soldiers of the people hungry for power. Look at the logic na lang... si pimentel, iiyak-iyak pa during the impeachment of Erap and he was the one who resigned pa kuno out of dignity and honor, but look where he is today... he is allied with the Estrada Camp! The same man whose ouster he was a party to! And this same person, Pimentel, is now an ally of the person he ousted, and they are pushing for the ouster of the woman Pimentel helped to become President! What irony! Where is the prinsipyo? Where is the honor? Wala... he had none to begin with... lumaban siya kay Marcos, pero why? Self-preservation. takot mamatay si loko eh. Sila ni Loren, they're all the same. Mga BALIMBING, MGA WALANG UTANG NA LOOB SA TAONG-BAYAN! Mabuti pa si Susan Roces, napag-isip-isip na ayaw niya magpagamit sa mga pu****-**ang mga taga opposition! Parang awa niyo na, TANTANAN NIYO NA ANG TAONG BAYAN! SOBRA NG PAHIRAP, GUSTO NIYO PA BA SI ERAP??!!!!!!