Saturday, May 29, 2010

Juana Change wants change

Juana Change, that yellow-haired character that was prominent in many of Noynoy Aquino's campaign sorties has been seen on television recently, saying that some Noynoy insiders really don't want change.

A disappointed Mae Paner, Juana Change's real-life persona, went on television to say that she felt betrayed because she really thought that the Aquino campaign could bring about real change-- only to see traditional politicians fighting out for juicy positions in government.

According to Paner in an interview with, "I did not invest my blood, sweat and tears para trapo ang ma-appoint. Those surrounding Noynoy, most of them are sipsip".

Paner resigned from the Aquino campaign mid-March, after realizing that the people surrounding Aquino are exactly the people she was advocating against. Paner realized she was sadly mistaken in believing that the Aquino campaign was treading the moral high ground.

From this blogger's standpoint, it seems that Paner might not be the only person who seems disappointed with the lackluster performance of the daang matuwid campaign. Many, however, choose to remain silent and remain in the sidelines as more and more trapos make their way towards the Aquino anthill.

Recently in the news, Aquino supporters are openly claiming their rightful positions in government, saying that it was only right for them to get positions in government for supporting Aquino. Also recently, Tthe Aquino camp is getting flack over the president-apparent's sister's offer to make actor Joey de Leon an appointee to the Optical Media Board. Kris, in her non-chalant manner, claimed it was a non-issue and that it is only right to offer de Leon the job since he openly supported Noynoy throughout the campaign.

These actions are precisely what Juana change and her group are against. Sadly, it seems that Juana Change's voice will be drowned out by the louder voices that are singing the new administration praises.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Kris Appointment

in what can only be described as inappropriate and downright 'Imeldific', Kris Aquino proudly defended her offer to Joey de Leon to become the head of the optical media board. The blogsphere is abuzz with rumors that Kris Aquino went and offered the position of OMB head as reward for his support for President-apparent Noynoy Aquino.

In an interview with Pillar Mateo of Pinoy-Parazzi, Kris defended her offer to Joey de Leon to head the OMB. “Yes, Tita Pilar, it’s true! I asked him if he wanted OMB since he was openly supportive of Noy (Benigno Aquino III). When I called to say thank you for our family, I asked if he was interested in an appointed position like OMB", Kris was quoted as saying.

Kris, known for her tactless persona, was further quoted in the interview as saying "Matters relating to government appointments are always sensitive and of course when related to our industry, my opinion is asked.”

It seems to this blogger that it's payback time for those who openly supported the Aquino campaign. Juicy government positions are being given left and right to those who showed 'extreme loyalty' to the president-apparent. In this particular issue, Kris did not deny that she made the offer herself, a move many are questioning.

In the Facebook Page "Kris Aquino's Despedida", many are aghast.

-Who is Kris to offer Joey de Leon that position? She has gone mad! Who the f**k does she think she is?!?

-Is it not "corruption" that we are all against? If this woman can offer sensitive positions in gov't to those who "openly" supported his kuya noy..then we are all fucked! the Filipinos are really.. really fucked!

-Kris did that? She has no business meddling with her brother's job! Somebody, please ... put some sense into this woman's head!

These are just some of the reactions that may vary in tone but not in message: They are not happy. And they have every right to be. Many people are asking what authority she has to make the offer in the first place. And still many are fearful that if this is how things will be in an Aquino administration, then we are seeing a glimpse of what to expect in the next 6 years, and it does not look good.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Poem from my Upcoming Collection

Ako at aking awit

Tama na ang masulyapan ka lamang

Higit na ligaya ang siya nitong katumbas

Makita man lang ang ngiti sa iyong mga labi

Langit na ang aking madarama

Kahit man lang sa malayo’y mamasdan
ang buong halina ng iyong kagandahan
ito lamang ang aking tanging kaligayahan
masulyapan ka, kahit sa malayo man lang

Hindi ko man makayang magtapat sayo

Ng nilalaman nitong aking abang puso

Dadaanin ko na lang sa awitin kong ito

At sa pasulyap-sulyap kahit malay


Ito ang aking natatanging paraan

upang mapunan ang pagibig na nararamdaman

Ako ma’y torpe sa paninigin ng mga iba
Sa aki’y labis na ang dulot na saya

Naghihintay ako ng pagkakataong magka-lakas loob
upang sabihin sa iyo ang aking sinasaloob
na pagibig na tanging alay lamang ay para sa’yo
ito at ang aking awit nilalaan sa iyo

Glimpse in Zen

The next Glimpse into Zen is scheduled on May 30, 2010. Please invite your loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues who want to know more about Zen. This will be from 1:30 to 3:30 pm to be held at the Zen Center for Oriental Spirituality, 31 St. Claire corner St. Catherine, Provident Village, Marikina, Metro Manila. For further details, visit our website: and go to the Learning Zen page.

The Glimpse is an introductory which precedes a six - session orientation workshop. It includes a question and answer forum and actual practice periods.

Wear comfortable sitting clothes. Admission is free, although donation is welcomed which go to the upkeep and maintenance of the zen center.

For more information, please contact Lisa M. Pilapil – Facilitator at Mobile No. 0920.570.9709 or email:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Changing of the Guards

Meralco CEO Manuel "Manolo" Lopez, fondly called MML by company insiders, officially stepped down as the power distribution company's Chief Executive Officer after 24 years. To replace him as CEO will be business mogul Manny V. Pangilinan. Lopez will remain as chairman of the board of Meralco, and Jose "Ping" de Jesus also retains his position as Chief Operations Officer. The changing of the guards, as it is so called, happened yesterday, May 25, 2010, at the annual Meralco stockholders Meeting which was held at the Meralco Theater.

To Manny Pangilinan, congratulations. May you continue to preserve the ideals of corporate leadership and integrity Meralco is known for.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Zambales -- a food Trip

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Candelaria, Zambales, with my siblings and their families, just soaking up the sun (just the heat, really), swimming and trying out the different delicacies. Candelaria is popular not just for its sweet mangoes but also for its pastillas which is made from carabao's milk and sugar. The one made in Candelaria is a bit more white in color than the ones sold in Iba. I was told it is because some use brown sugar and condensed milk, unlike the ones sold in Candelaria which is made only with pure carabao's milk and white sugar.

When we arrived, i took the time to visit their public market, since i am a fan of Frank's Burgers. I got distracted and got a chance to try some of their fish balls instead. Unlike the ones sold in Manila, their fish balls are made from real fish and carrots in batter, scooped and deep fried to crunchy perfection. It was so good i ate 30 pieces! I also got to try their melon milk which was a good way to wash down the fish balls.

Since my family loves to eat, my sister's expert cook Manang Gaya prepared some belly busters when we arrived in time for lunch. Steaming hot sinigang na baboy and grilled Bangus with fresh seaweeds on the side for lunch on our first day and homemade fried chicken and gravy, picadillo and enseladang talon on our first night. (ooops, i forgot to mention the fresh mangoes!)

Breakfast was no exception-- tortang talong, garlic sausage na hubad, english breakfast sausages with cheese, fresh oranges, daing na bangus and sinangag were served, and for lunch we were served by my sister Ruby and brother-in-law Mario with the freshest and sweetest giant prawns and crabs. We had such a good time eating that it took us a good 2 hours to finally put down our plates and end our lunch.

Another sea food i love in Candelaria is the Barellete (which looks a lot like yellow fin tuna). Whenever i am in Candelaria, i make it a point to request some grilled barellete (if it is available -- i was told it is hard to come by). Luckily for us, my sister and the cook Manang Gaya managed to buy some in Santa Cruz' public market.

On our way home from our weekend getaway, my sister Ruth said we would have dinner at Xtremely Xpresso. We ordered their big pesto chicken pizza (and another pizza flavor which i don't remember), some spicy oriental shrimp pasta and an order of Ben's Burger -- a tasty hamburger grilled to perfection the size of a dinner plate. I washed the food down with some ice cold coffee (and a stick of Marlboro Ultra-Menthol). I wanted to order one for take out but decided against it in the end. Big mistake on my part. Tsk. Tsk.

I guess every time we go on a weekend getaway, it turns into a food trip -- but hey, who's complaining?

Friday, May 21, 2010


i apologize for the structure of this blog. i am merely rambling... i ask for your indulgence...

Not very often do i encounter people online who not only share a common belief such as mine, but also enjoy a certain rapport reserved only to the most intimate of acquaintances. I have encountered such people online and it is something i would cherish not because we share one belief, but because even if we do not agree on issues, we can engage the issues with civility and respect. The past few days, i have involved myself in a cause that may seem insignificant to many, but to my mind reflects all that is wrong with our society today.

I will not discuss the issue in particular, mainly because i want to keep that part of my participation limited only to the people i trust, which is to say my college friends, a handful of relatives, and my most trusted online friends. It is enough to say, however, that this particular cause has given me the chance to know many people, their opinions and their passion.

In this particular cause, i have witnessed individuals who possess the literary prowess to engage you in a battle of wits, some who resort to name-calling to weaken your resolve -- and then there are others who talk just for the sake of being able to talk. I have learned to respect them all -- but i must admit that in many instances i find it difficult and a true test of my zen practice to be able to just sit and listen to attacks on my persona. In many instances, i have been called a dumbass, an idiot and a paid hack. But such is life.
Suffice to say, it is my belief that you can find friends everywhere if you look hard enough, and my recent experience has strengthened that belief. I have come to know at least 4 people who have shown me that there is hope for the Philippines, and that hope lies within the passion of these individuals. I am proud to know them, and to be known by them. They are not mere acquiantances, but friends.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I join the call for a nationwide boycott of ABS-CBN shows on May 23, Sunday. The boycott, initiated by K.A.D. is to show the network that the people have the right to demand intelligent, unbiased programming.

Here is the K.A.D. Message now spreading like wildfire on Facebook:

On May 23, 2010. we enjoin everyone to boycott ABS-CBN shows from sign on to sign off. We demand intelligent, balanced and unbiased programming, a station free from political agenda and irresponsible artists (the likes of Kris Aquino). Please urge everyone to join our cause.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will Kris leave?

A facebook group called the Kris Aquino's Despedida party is now the talk, if not the toast, of the town. The group has about 22,690 members, and it is growing exponentially day by day. The group's aim is to collect on a promise made by celebrity Kris Aquino to leave the country if Noynoy wins and she becomes the cause of stress for him.

The promise has been the cause of much heated debate between Kris fans and members of the group. The fans of Kris insist that Kris made the promise with a condition, i.e. "if she becomes a source of stress for Noy". Group members, however, that Kris has been the cause of stress not just of Noynoy but of her entire family and that the stipulated "if" condition is no longer valid.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: The right to expression and to air grievances is alive and well. But for many group members, the only happy ending would be a Kris-less Philippines.