Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mob Rule

Posts from various Pro-Rule of Law pages on Facebook recently claim that on January 28, 2012, Penoy's Secretary of Social Welfare Dinky Soliman "met with members of the Black and White Movement at Unit 1110 Prestige Towers, to finalize plans of People Power starting Monday, January 30, at Supreme Court and EDSA to force CJ Corona to Resign".

If this report is accurate, then we have much to be fearful of. Penoy is using People Power as a "final solution" in his vain attempt to consolidate the powers of the Supreme Court with the Executive Department and his rubber stamp Congress. Penoy know he is losing the legal battle in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona. His allies in the prosecution panel have slipped at every turn to vilify Corona before the people. They must have realized that the more they vilify Corona, the more people view the Chief Justice as the underdog.

Now desperate in his attempt to be dictator, he has solicited the help of the ingrates from the Black & White movement to launch a "people power" offensive against the Chief Justice. Sadly, Penoy fails to realize that this will backfire on him as well. For all he knows, that same people power which he and his family so frequently use as their personal talisman could be used against him if he does not let up on his offensive against the judiciary and CJ Corona.

Penoy'd better hope that Dinky doesn't lead the group into singing "If we hold on together".


People are eagerly awaiting with bated breath if the CBCP would issue a statement with regards to the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. The CBCP started their Three-Day Plenary Assembly last Saturday at the Pope Pius XII Center in Manila.


I was watching the trailer video of "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story" on Youtube and i was inspired to write a poem about what is happening to our country today:

sa isang palasyo sa gitna ng maynila
may nakatirang isang taong tunay na balahura
nais sakupin ang lahat ng kayamana't kapangyarihan
pati karapatan ng tao'y nais na sagasaan

napapalibutan siya ng mga kaibigang ulupong
dahan dahang hinubog, ang plano nila ay umusbong
tanggalin lahat ng hadlang sa pagkamkam ng kapangyarihan
kahit na ang nais nila'y wala na sa katuwiran

dinadaan pa niya kuno sa ligal na proseso
unti unti ang mga kalaban niya ay kinalaboso
ang pumalag sa kanya, labis tiyak ay kakasuhan
ganyan ang utak ng ganid sa kapangyarihan

pati maliit na mamamayan ay kinakanti
akala nila'y malilinlang sa bawat sandali
ang mga tao, ngunit mga tao'y di paloloko
sa dilaw na pangulong anyo'y tila hunyango

naghahari-harian, nagdudunung-dunungan
pero kung titignan ninyo utak ay walang laman
puro pabida ang bigkas, puro papormang panlabas
ngunit ang takbo ng utak niya ay tunay na taliwas

sulsol ng kaibigan, kabarila't kamaganak
"nasa tama ka, huwag na huwag kang kukurap"
ngunit sigaw ng bayan 'di na pwedeng isantabi
nalalapit na ang pagbagsak ng dilaw na hari

magpakasaya ka na, dilaw na namumuno
dahil malapit na ang kaharian mo ay guguho
sa lakas ng dagundong ng sigaw ngtaong bayan
tanging lusot mo na lang, tiyak na kamatayan.


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Justice and Fair Play

This Thursday, the counsel for defense in the continuing telenovela that is the Corona Impeachment Trial (or as I like to call it "The Greatest Show on Earth"), called for the inhibition of Senator-Judge Franklin Drilon. Drilon's actions in the impeachment court raises questions of his impartiality, after many observers noted that drilon's lines of questioning were somewhat prosecutorial in nature, rather than clarificatory. True to his nature, however, he has stubbornly refused to inhibit himself, declaring himself a fair senator-judge. Drilon is affiliated with the Liberal Party, the very party that Penoy Aquino admitted initiated the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. So much for fairness.

Whether Drilon admits it or not, his bias towards the proseuction team sticks out like a sore thumb. Even the average Juan is beginning to see Drilon for his true color: Yellow (in all aspects). Just last night, while I was chatting with the driver of the taxi cab I rode in from work, he asked me about the impeachment trial, and I was surprised when he said "Dapat mag inhibit na si Drilon. halatang siya naman ay pumapanig sa prosecution". This statement coming from Mamang Taxi Driver got me thinking that maybe all is not lost in the crusade for the observance of the rule of law. There may be many more like Mamang Taxi Driver who is not fooled by the cheap tricks and gimickry adapted by the prosecution and their Senator-Judge ally Drilon.


Out of delicadeza, Drilon should inhibit. Regardless of whether he is biased or not, the mere fact that there is already a perception among many that he is actually lawyering for the prosecution is grounds enough for him to inhibit, in the interest of justice and fair play. Corona is already on trial. This administration has managed to get their plans implemented thus far. if he is guilty, then by all means convict him, but subject him to a fair trial. There is a legal maxim: Let justice be done though the heavens fall. If in fact this administration has solid proof to convict corona, as they like to claim, then they should present these evidences in court, not to media. The house prosecutors had all the time to prepare, but what did they do? they presumed that Corona would resign, saving them the trouble of actually building a good case. This is what happens when arrogance gets in the way of levelheadedness and fair play.


We have a long way to go before true justice and fair play comes to play in this impeachment trial. Just recently, I heard that Administration ally Neri Colmenares was quoted as saying: "Hearsay can be used as basis for removing a public official like the Chief Justice because perception is important." Whatever Colmenares is smoking, he'd better stop now, before all his brain cells wither and vanish into the ether. Is Colmenares actually suggsting that we throw away the rules on evidence and just allow hearsay to be admitted as prima facie evidence? Somehow I think our representatives in the House are not actually there to represent us but rather to represent their own vested interests.

The scary part is how these so-called Honorable gentlemen allied with the administration make things up as they go along. They seem to be laboring under the delusion that the impeachment court is their oyster, and that they can bend or interpret existing rules and procedures to tailor-fit their ill-prepared case.


While waiting for the elevator yesterday morning, one of the office employees in our building was hotly discussing the Llamas DVD issue with her officemates. She was adamant in her conviction that Llamas should be sacked for buying two thousand pesos (P2,000.00) worth of pirated DVDs at a mall in Quezon City. "Tayong mga ordinaryong tao, laging sinasabihan na huwag i-patronize ang pirated DVDs tapos si Llamas, hindi man lang pagsabihan! Anong kalse namang pamamalakad 'yan!" Anong kalsng pamamalakad nga naman `yan, Penoy?


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

the Rise of the Filipino Hitler

"We have the power. Now our gigantic work begins."

Those were Hitler's words on the night of January 30, 1933, as cheering crowds surged past him, for five long hours, beneath the windows of the Chancellery in Berlin.

In 2011, Noynoy Aquino rose to power. In the same vein, this was also what he, in essence, promised the Filipino People. In his inaugural address, he said:

Today marks the end of a regime indifferent to the appeals of the people. It is not Noynoy who found a way. You are the reason why the silent suffering of the nation is about to end. This is the beginning of my burden, but if many of us will bear the cross we will lift it, no matter how heavy it is. (from the official english translation)
He is now in power, and his "gigantic work" to "rebuild the nation" begins.

To consolidate power, Hitler neutralized his political Enemies. Again in the same vein, Noynoy Aquino neutralized his political enemies, most popular of which was his predecessor Gloria Arroyo, and is now on the verge of consolidating power by putting allies in congress, and more importantly, by getting rid of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a co-equal branch of government.

We know what happened after Hitler gained absolute power. Absolute power in the hands of a man with a vision is dangerous enough, but give a foolish one absolute power and the result will be disastrous. What a fool can be capable of with such tremendous, unchecked power is something I shudder to think of.

Hitler had one Joseph Goebbels. Noynoy has an army of Goebbels, ranging from unofficial ones with positions in the executive and legislative departments, not counting his propaganda machine ABS-CBN. No one fits the role of Goebbels more than radio and TV anchorman Ted Failon (Teodoro Etong), who is blatantly the mouthpiece of Hitler-in-the-making.

When Hitler rose to power, the German people celebrated. They supported him, believed in his program of governance. Hitler was thought by many as the "Savior" of the nation. The same thing happened to Noynoy, who rose to power with the same popular support. The people were promised a Philippines of Eutopian proportions, a proverbial land of milk and honey. The sad truth, however, is that the people have been deceived into believing that the intention of Aquino is to clean the government of corruption, when in truth the intention is to protect the interests of the Cojuangco and Aquino families.

Hitler’s speeches ‘Appeal to German People’ blamed problems on weaknesses of democratic government and terrorist activities of Communists. Noynoy's speeches blamed problems on his political predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies in government.

In an article from, it explains the need for consolidation of power by Hitler:

Consolidation of power is to remove opposition, gain mass support and to emerge as dictator. Hitler had been invited to power by a group of right-wing politicians on January 30, 1933 since they thought that they could control Hitler if he was invited to power. Thus, Hitler was allowed to consolidate his personal and regime’s power through legal means.

Compare this to Noynoy Aquino's attempts to consolidate power (by removing the last obstruction to his ambition, the Supreme Court, via the removal of the Chief Justice) to remove opposition. He has already gained some sort of mass support in an attempt to become a dictator. While Hitler was,as the article states, invited to power by a group of right wing politicians, Noynoy was coaxed into running for President by ambitious political operators who know very well their capacity to control Aquino. Thus Noynoy was allowed by his backers to consolidate his powers through "legal" means. The article further says:

The Enabling Law of March 23, 1933, would allow Hitler to make laws and enter treaties without consulting the Reichstag for 4 years. He could ignore the constitution and enter foreign agreements. This signified that he would be a dictator, having the monopoly of legal power to make decisions, ignoring the President and rule single-handedly.

Although no law has been passed by his allies in Congress to allow Noynoy to make laws and enter into treaties, we can see how Noynoy wants the power to enter into treaties, as could be seen from his desire to enter into an official agreement with the MILF. Also, it must be stressed that there are rumors floating that Joma Sison, head of the Communist Party of the Philippines, will be coming back to the Philippines soon to enter into an agreement with the Aquino Administration (as reported by ANA Partylist Rerpesentative Alcover). And like Hitler, Noynoy has the penchant to ignore the constitution, a constitution his very mother undertook to be created. His utter lack of respect for his co-equal branches of government is proof of it.

Today, the Philippines is at a very crucial stage in its history. We are in danger of allowing a Hitler to rise up because of propaganda spewed by the Aquino administration's propaganda machine. Aquino's supporters are easily deceived by the propaganda and automatically support his administration without benefit of thought or insight. It is now the duty of every freedom-loving Filipino to be ever more vigilant against this rising threat. In the end, it is up to us to prevent such a monster from ever ruling the great nation of ours. -end-

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And so it came to pass, that in the great kingdom of the brown race, the persecution of the Pharaoh Putthakanoyh's enemies continued unbidden . Upon orders from the Phaorah's Palace, the Pharaoh's allies in the Temple of Doom, led by High Priest Nihultupazh, managed to enact a ruthless plan to destroy the Pharaoh's number two enemy, the High Magistrate of the People, Renatus Coronus. And so it was that an historic event unfolded in the great kingdom. For the first time in its history, a Pharaoh's vengeance took place in the form of a trial at the High Council of Elders.

The kingdom watched with bated breath as the pharisees of the pharaoh paraded before the people their evidence against the High Magistrate, conditioning the minds of the feeble-minded of the guilt of the accused. These pharisees strutted like wizened mages, telling anyone who would listen of the undeniable guilt of Coronus. Then the second day of the trial came.

On the second day the kingdom watched as the pharisees prepared to present their case to the High Council of elders. But Lo and Behold, the pharisees, in their haste to destroy Coronus, came woefully unprepared. High Priest Nihultupazh was reprimanded by the High Council for not making any effort to present a good case against Coronus. The pharisees, deeply and utterly embarrassed, went to the marketplace afterwards, presenting their evidence to the people, but no one in the marketplace listened. But they were not by any means discouraged, for they were, after all, allied with the Pharaoh Putthakanoyh. They shall live to fight another day, for the trial has just begun.

Sadly, even though the pharisees have made a fool of themselves and showed the kingdom their ignorance, many people still believe them, and still believe the lies they continue to spread against Coronus. As one scribe put it, all of what is happening in the Kingdom is a result of the Pharaoh and his family's desire to keep what is not theirs to keep, a land bought for by the peoples' gold, a land that should be the peasants to have. The Pharaoh's family even sought the help of a family of scribes and bards, well known throughout the kingdom for delivering news from the capital to the far raches of the kingdom.

Coronus won that day, but not without cost. The people must be reminded, he said, that now is the time for vigilance, as a creeping dictatorship threatens to tear the delicate fabric of the kingdom's democracy. The pharaoh is out to seek full control of every aspect of governance of the kingdom, unmindful that the kingdom has the High Magistrate of the People and the High Council of the People to keep his powers in check -- for if the Pharaoh had full control of the kingdom's affairs, as mages feared, six years of darkness shall descend on the kingdom.