Friday, January 21, 2011

Criminals unafraid of cops

It clearly seems that criminal elements no longer fear the police. The spate of crime, including carnappings, carjackings and yes, even bikejackings, is a clear indication that criminals, not the police, have the upper hand.

This is exactly what i was afraid of. When yellow president Penoy divided the work of the DILG Secretary so that his BFF Puno could hava a piece, he unwittingly weakened the DILG and the PNP. Puno, who knows nothing about running the PNP, was given control over it by presidente Penoy, while the more qualified Robredo was sidelined.

The president doesn't seem to care that crime is on the rise. His reason big boy toy, a Porsche, seems to be his only concern nowadays. It's funny when you watch the nightly news and see
Penoy buying expensive cars, attending fiestas, and being late for his first cabinet meeting of the year. I don't know about him, but being president isn't about only the fun stuff.

I have some acquaintances who are afraid to leave their homes now. If they take the MRT, they fear they will get mugged. If they drive their own car, they are afraid it would be carnapped or worse, carjacked. These fears are valid, since the police has been less that efficient since this administration took over.

So here's an appeal to that tenant in the Palace: Dump the car. Focus on the real issue. It's not the noisy minority. It's the lack of authority that makes criminal elements bold. When criminals see that the president and his men aren't competent, they know they've already won.