Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Big Switch

I've been contemplating during my long break from blogging whether to change internet browsers. Well, yesterday afternoon i did it. I made the big switch from internet explorer to Mozilla Firefox. You can easily tell the difference between the two in relation to speed and looks. Firefox doesn't look as cluttered as IE, and in fairness, Mozilla Firefox does load faster (especially since i use the net to watch local US Channels). Firefox is also more user friendly, and shows less buttons (IE has buttons that we often don't use). Being a Google fan, i'm really happy that Firefox makes it easier for me to access my google sites like Blogger, my Google Homepage and YouTube. When i downloaded Firefox, it came with a Google toolbar made especially for Mozilla and it is really great. If I were you, I'd make the big switch too.

It's good to be back... finally!

It seems forever since my last blog here in mapangurirat. Truth be told, i felt that the well is drying up. Sigh. But here i am again, fresh from my long break. I haven't had the leisure of opening my gmail as well. When i did open it yesterday, i was pleasently surprised that my friend of 28 years, Prof. Jerick aguilar has finally replied to an email i sent him middle of march. I'm glad to know he's happy with his travelling, and that he won two tickets to Paris. Jake, fyi, is a professor at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. He was my classmate back in elementary at Angelicum. He is now in Tunisia and will soon be based in Yemen. I heard he's doing research for the United Nations. His essay on his travels was published at I'll post the link as soon as i get the chance to copy it.
During my long break from blogging, i got a chance to visit my sister's house in Tandang Sora and found that her Jurrasic Park-inspired garden is gone and has been replaced by her own personal Zen Garden. There's a very big difference between the before and after.
Also during my break, i managed to catch up on the latest inside the Big brother house and was not surprised that the PBB people are still shamelessly shamming their hard-earned text money. Now they saw it fit to fool the people by pretending to evict wendy, nel and mickey, and then letting mickey and wnedy go back. Now the people will have to vote (AGAIN) for the "big 4". For a TV Station that makes a big deal out of poll fraud, they sure are enjoying their own version of it. This is a good case of the pot calling the kettle black.
I also got a chance to see "Life and Death of a Pumpkin" by Blame Society productions over at grouper. Man, that was some short flick and i salute the people who did the film. That was certainly a different take on halloween. Kudos!
More of the things i did during my break tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Archbishop's Dirty Tactics

Archbishop Oscar Cruz has been reported by a news program discouraging Pope Benedict XVI to visit the Philippines. Cruz feels that the Pope's visit might be used by the president to cover up her alleged "wrongdoings". This supposed prince of the church is again acting un-christian by crucifying the president without trial. Cruz, who is a paharasee to my eyes, is the personification of horror movies that depict Satan as a bishop of the church. Is Cruz mentally retarded (oops, sorry. i didn't mean to insult the mentally retarded by comparing them to the devil -este- Bishop cruz). Haaay, Oscar. You're acting all crazy and people might just believe that you are crazy by denying the filipino faithful the chance to be visited by His Holiness. Crawl back from the rock where you came from. Bishop Oscar Cruz is a hypocrite. Father, forgive Oscar, for he knows not what he does. If there is a person who can ruin the image of the catholic curch in this country, it is cruz who chose to stick his nose into everybody's business. Why doesn't he emulate Ed Panlilio? Gov. Ed decided to act and ran for governor because he really wants change in Pampanga. Cruz, on the other hand, wants change so he wastes his precious saliva on trivial things, while the people of Lingayen suffer because their spiritual needs have been neglected by their spiritual leader.

Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1 marks end to a Resepcted Sims Institution

I learned recently that SimsHost, the no. 1 and most respected host of free and subscription sites for the Sims1 (and also Sims2) is shutting down tomorrow, June 1, 2007. This means that all its supported sites will cease operations as well, unless they manage to transfer to a new host server before tomorrow. I am saddened by this fact since i am a confessed Sims1 addict and a frequent visitor to SimsHost's sites, including Killer Sims. Luckily, Killer Sims managed to transfer to a news server but we'll find out tomorrw if the server can hold all Killer Sims' files. I salute the men and women of SimsHost who made it possible for us avid Sims1 fans to download lots of free and beautiful objects. Though the Sims 1 community is getting smaller, we loyal fans will continue to support your sites for as long as it is up and running. More power to the countless men and women who have made it possible for us to live in an alternate reality.