Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An unexpected visit

I was sifting through my email inbox yesterd morning when i found an email from my best friend Jerick (Jake) dated February 13. He said he wanted to surprise me and so did not inform me in advance that he is arriving in the country. He went to our house to spring his surprise but ended up the one being surprised since we weren't home when he came. So i gave Jake a call yesterday morning and we ended up having dinner wth my sister Rose at Big Buddha in Greenbelt 3. After talking for about two hours we decided to head to Harbor Square for some spirits and coffee. We went to Dencio's which offers a good view of Manila Bay and the city lights that line the bay. Jake is planning to return to the Philippines more often. For those who don;t remember, Jerick (or Jake) Aguilar is the author of the wonderful articles i have been posting on Filipino Migrants oversees. He has another surprise not just for me but for all of us who enjoy his writing, but that's another blog.