Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Homesonic M.O.

I have been receiving many messages on my Multiply account regarding the Modus Operandi of Homesonic. They have elevated their operations from rigged scratch cards to telephone campaigns. Months back, i got a call from INEX Corporation, supposedly a call center for Homesonic, informing me that i was selected by computer raffle to qualify for a free gift and that i have to visit Homesonic in Robinsons East Mall to claim my prize. Little did these idiots know that my father, the late Atty. Onesimo Banares told me of thier M.O. before he died. This company would lure you in with their rigged scratch cards and enticing you to purchase items you don't really need. My mother was almost duped into buying 40k pesos worth of items had my father not intervened and nerely caused a scene.

Now i've been receiving messages of people getting phone calls from made-up companies supposedly representing Homesonic. If you receive a call like this, ignore it. This is a scheme designed to lure you into spending money on items you don't need. Add to that the fact that the items they sell can be bought elsewhere for less price.

I call on all victims of Homesonic to email me at rodel.banares@gmail.com. This kind of modus operandi should be put to a halt. I encourage all to step up shame campaigns versus this company. LET THE BUYER BEWARE OF HOMESONIC!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

lacson drops presidential bid

It's about time! I'm sure by mow Ping knows he has no chance of winning the presidential race. His announcement came a day after former police officer Mancao said he will re-affirm the contents of his affidavit submitted to the Department of Justice earlier this year. Ping has been linked by Mancao to the twin murders of PR Man Bubby Dacer and his driver Manuel Corbito,

Lacson is not the type to give up his ambitions just like that. Ny take is that Lacson is spooked out of his wits with the reopening of the Dacer-Corbito double murders. After all, Glen Dumlao will soon be returning home, presumably to do another Mancao. And he has reason to be nervous. Mancao and Dumlao where once members of Lacson's inner circle.

So that's one down, many more to go in the bid for the presidency in 2010. God help us all.

Tamano's move to Villar camp a welcome development

The move of Atty. Adel Tamano from Erap to Villar's camp is indeed a welcome development. Tamano's wit and intelligence is wasted with the opposition. Erap himself said that Tamano was not with the executive committee of the opposition and is "no loss" to their camp. This shows wishful thinking on Erap's part. Tamano is a big loss to the opposition. They have lost not just a spokesperson but great legal mind. I doubt if Erap can find a suitable replacement.

It seems that many people are jumping from Erap's jeep and jumping onto Villar's horse, which has a better-than-average chance of snagging the top post. Erap is hell bent on returning to Malacanang, although many are saying that he no longer has the power or even the clout to do so.

Tamano will be an asset to Villar's camp, if only the good senator has the foresight to put Tamano to good use. Kudos Villar, Sorry na lang Erap.