Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tamano's move to Villar camp a welcome development

The move of Atty. Adel Tamano from Erap to Villar's camp is indeed a welcome development. Tamano's wit and intelligence is wasted with the opposition. Erap himself said that Tamano was not with the executive committee of the opposition and is "no loss" to their camp. This shows wishful thinking on Erap's part. Tamano is a big loss to the opposition. They have lost not just a spokesperson but great legal mind. I doubt if Erap can find a suitable replacement.

It seems that many people are jumping from Erap's jeep and jumping onto Villar's horse, which has a better-than-average chance of snagging the top post. Erap is hell bent on returning to Malacanang, although many are saying that he no longer has the power or even the clout to do so.

Tamano will be an asset to Villar's camp, if only the good senator has the foresight to put Tamano to good use. Kudos Villar, Sorry na lang Erap.