Sunday, August 27, 2006

Temporary shutdown of Pinoys for pgma

For those of you who do access my political blog Filipinos for PGMA (, I am sad to announce the temporary shutdown of that blogsite. Don't worry, though. This is just temporary until i am able to access the net at home. So for now, my political standpoints take a backseat, althought from time to time i will make political commentaries here in MAPANGURIRAT. Thanks for your support!

happy birthday, rah-rah and john boy!

Yesterday, my relatives celebrated the joint birthday of Sarah Banares Salvador and Russel John Banares Bonus in Roxas District. Happy Birthday guys!


I recently found my old cd installer of counter-strike, that popular interactive computer craze that swept the nation a few years back. It brought back wonderful times in the not so distant past when my friends Jhackie and Poppo still had their Computer-rental business in Quezon City. That is where i first learned how to play counter-strike, as well as The Sims (1), of which I am still hoked on to this day. I remember going to Jack and Poppo's shop after work from Angelicum to Bago Bantay and we would play until nearly midnight while guzzling on some much needed San Mig Light. The reason i mentioned this is that recently, some computer rental shops have re-installed counter-strike and i think it is going to be a comeback to this fad soon. Happy Shooting, counter-strikers!

Monday, August 14, 2006


My nephew,Jason Bonus, the second son of my first cousin, was killed when a jeepney bound for marikina hit his motorcycle early Monday morning. I am in shock as to how such a young man, barely 24 years of age, and a father to boot (his wife just gave birth to their first son 6 days ago) could suffer such a tragic fate. We often reflect on the meaning of life in moments like this, and we come to realize that life is too short... short enough that suddenly petty bickerings seem like such minisucle undertakings. What sadden me more is that Jason is survived not just by his wife and kids and siblings, but by his mother. Parents should never have to burry their children. It is such a shock that people like these damn reckless jeepney drivers are given a plastic card which gives them the right to play "king of the road". This should not have happened if it were not for the irresponsible way that we Filipinos handle everything -- from exams to getting our licenses. We have to have strict guidelines for getting drivers licenses or franchise permits for their jeeps. Can you imagine how many killer drivers and jeepneys are plying our roads as you read this? We have been complacent about it because we thought it only happens to someone else's relatives, but when it happens to one of your own, then the sudden reality comes flowing back in. We should learn from Jason's death. We should never, ever be part of a corrupt system that would allow just anybody to driver vehicles without proper training, specially public utility vehicles. My nephew was killed on the spot. Ironically, the only damage to his motorcyle was a broken headlight. Jason was just at the first step of fatherhood, and a single, reckless albeit preventable act did him in. For this there must be hell to pay.