Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One year after Ondoy

As the flood waters rose steadily on that fateful morning of September 26, 2009, my sister and i decided to go to the Zen Center (zendo) where i work (which was three houses away). After securing our stuff and shutting off our main switch, we locked our house and went to the zendo. There, we were met by the center's treasurer, Juju Tan, who was in the zendo moving the important items of the zendo to the second floor. Juju then waded through chest high waters to meet his driver near the gate of Provident.

My sister and i made ourselves at home on the zendo's 2nd floor, where the dormitory is situated. We were later joined by the de Guzmn and Pineda families who live next door to the zendo. Luckily for us, the de Guzmans had a ladder and a big roll of insulation foam, while the Pinedas brought their lunch with them.

By noon, we were on the roof, waiting to be rescued. An hour later we were joined by Dominic and his wife, along with Nero, their german shepherd. The men in our group spent the night taking turns holding up our makeshift tent which kept the women and children dry. Early next morning, Atty. de Guzman arrived with a rubber dinghy which rescued our neighbors. My sister and i chose to stay behind. We waited for the water to recede up to the waist, then waded the flood waters to reach the gate of Provident Village.

One year after Ondoy, i still live in Provident Village, quite aware that the drainage systems have not been thoroughly dredged and cleaned, and knowing full well that the Marikina River has become shallow. Armed with this "knowledge", i made my own version of a grab bag. My friend gave me a dry bag which i can use to store a small AM Radio, flashlight, waterproof matches, a couple of shirts, some cigarettes, easy-to-open canned goods and a whistle.

One year after Ondoy, i still keep hearing government officials claim they are ready for another Ondoy. But really, who can ever be ready for another Ondoy? Honestly, i'm not putting much faith in local government to resuce me from another disaster. The Zendo today is being renovated, and an escape hatch to the roof is being added to ensure a quick exit in case of another flood.

One year after Ondoy, our neighbors are still here, a little wary but still suriving. I am still in awe that despite the disaster, we managed to stay calm and composed during the entire ordeal.

One year after Ondoy, i am still in awe of the inviolability of the human spirit.

Banayo's Problem

Lito Banayo has recently been seen on TV and heard on radio saying that there is a looming rice shortage if Malacanang fails to release the agency's P6 billion budget. I find this statement by

Banayo funny since it was he who told Penoy that there was an "over importation of rice". The claim was so "shocking" that it even landed in Penoy's first State of the Nation address, meant to embarrass the previous administration of PGMA.

Banayo even went as far as to call for an investigation of the previous administration to demonstrate the veracity of his claim. His claim got so much media mileage, with him claiming that the agency even had to stop the arrival of rice shipments from abroad due to "over supply". He even claimed, in an article on CBS Network's website, that we were "swimming in rice".

And because of this pompous claim, Malacanang decided not to release the P6 billion budget alloted for the agency, something which i believe Banayo never expected to happen.

Now Banayo is once again doing media rounds, but claiming that we might come to a rice shortage due to the non-release of his agency's budget. From swimming in rice, Banayo now claims that the cupboard is bare.

And here you can probably guess why he made a u-turn from his earlier claims: P6 billion is too big a money to pass up. Even a small percentage could make Banayo's Christmas merry indeed.

In the end, Banayo's claims really were about "the money" and not about rice.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Penoy's Insecurity and the four-way test

Penoy and his administration is insecure, this much i can say with certainty. His and his cohorts' need to constantly compare their actions, spendings and the like with that of the previous administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Ph.D. seems so jejune that it makes them look like school boys who constantly need to assure themselves that they have the biggest penis in school to the point of constantly going to the bathroom and checking on their classmates' dongs just to convince themselves of their "greatness".

Let's take a look at how the (mis)communications group of Malacanang play up this "My penis is bigger than yours" bit: In his US trip, Penoy and the boys continually emphasize the "frugality" of Penoy's US trip, pointing out that there will be no repeat of the Le Cirque Restaurant incident that became an issue for the GMA administration. The Malcanang dog-waggers played up Penoy's eating at In-and-Out Burgers and their use of a commercial flight.

While it is commendable to be frugal at a time when most filipinos are hard strapped for cash, one must use the Roatary Club's Four Way Test to see if what we are hearing from Malacanang is accurate.


is the government really spending only P25 million pesos? Does the P25M include the pay for the PR firm they hired to "promote" Penoy's visit? If it is the truth, why can't Carandang and his pals come up with the exact cost of the PR firm deal? Coming from the media, Carandang must have known that once you admit that you hired a PR Firm to promote your boss' trip, the next question your former colleagues in media would ask is "How much did it cost?" If it is true that this administration is for truth and transparency, Carandang and his pals should have had that data ready and at hand during his admission.


Is it fair for Malacanang to constantly compare itself to the previous administration? Is it fair to the Filipino people to be kept in the dark as to the exact and actual cost of Penoy's trip? Is it fair for Pinoy taxpayers to be misled by sweeping statements like "The PR Firm deal is much cheaper, even by Philippine standards"? Is it fair for former President Arroyo who has yet to be charged for alleged crimes against the people (In any civil society, one cannot be presumed guilty without the benefit of a fair and just trial)? The answer to these questions is a resounding No.


First off, constantly comparing Penoy's administration to that of Gloria Arroyo isn't going to build goodwill. In fact, it is causing much division in our society, and we really need division like a hole in the head. Secondly, you don't need a PR Group to build goodwill and better friendships among your fellow world leaders. Goodwill and better friendships come from being a true statesman, with or without the need for a promotional gimmick. It is all about political will, charisma and true leadership qualities. You only need a PR firm if you lack these 3 qualifications. Enough said.


Will hiring a PR firm be beneficial to us filipinos? Not to all. But it will certainly be beneficial to Penoy, who has lost much face because of the August 23 hostage incident, having been played out on international news networks like CNN (courtesy of Penoy's ally ABiaS-CBN).
Is it worth spending P44 million for? Maybe not. In his first SONA, Penoy practically said we had no money left, and here they are trying to appear frugal and yet hiding the fact that we hired a PR firm to drum up the Penoy's image. Mind you, this isn't about promoting the Philippines' image, as much as the (mis)communications group would like to claim that it is. It is, to be candid, to promote Penoy whose bumblings in his first 100 days make him look like, in the words of Senator Joker Arroyo, "a student council president" in the eyes of many world leaders.

Because of his massive insecurity and his and his administration's failure to pass the four-way test, Penoy needs to go full blast to convince the Filipino people that he really is qualified to be president of this nation. No amount of PR will cover up his incompetence. More to the point, if he keeps up with his constant comparison of the past administration, the people may end up thinking the past administration is actually better than his. But that's just my opinion.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Punong Puno na kami, Puno

Puno is clinging to power like the bayawak that he is (i would have said tarsier but tarsiers are cute, cuddly and lovable). He seems to be working under the impression that the Filipino people would forgive him if he announced that he will submit a courtesy resignation the moment Penoy arrives from the US.

What he doesn't seem to understand is that a courtesy resignation is not enough. What he should tender is an irrevocable resignation. Delicadeza demands it. He, however, seems to be ignorant of the word and continues to believe that he is "untouchable", what with Tony Boy himself telling Bishop Cruz to take it easy on Puno.

A piece of unsolicited advice, Usec. Puno: Cut and cut clean. Show a little honor, even if it's just for show. We know it's difficult for you to show honor when there isn't an iota of it in your body.

As your namesake once crooned, "Ang tao'y marupok..."

Teach Penoy to Count

Penoy has been busy the past few weeks comparing the budget for his US Trip with that of his predecessor GMA. His (mis)communications group said that Penoy's trip would only cost about P25 million, staying at a Sofitel Hotel and eating at a Jollibee in Queens.

What he and his cohorts in Malacanang failed to say was that Penoy's trip would also entail hiring a US-based PR firm which some say would cost about P45 million. Carandang quickly denied that the PR Firm would pe paid that much money, but refused to say how much the Philippines is actually paying for it. So much for transparency.

What i think is likely to happen is that the real cost of the PR Firm will not be revelaed to the public and that some hocus-PCOS will take place to make it appear that the PR Firm was "a too good a deal to pass".

What is as clear as day is the fact that Penoy's trip will cost a whole lot more than just the P25 million "propaganda amount" that they have been trying to sell the public. Tough noogies, Ricky. No one seems to be buying it.

At the end of the day, Penoy and his (mis)communications group should learn to count because even the lowly taxi driver I talked to this afternoon doesn't believe that Penoy's US trip would cost only P25 million INCLUDING the PR firm job.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Complaint versus Homesonic

I recently saw in the comments section of my blog dated 2009 that several individuals were victimized by Homesonic. If you are a victim of Homesonic or Arysta, please email me or write your complaint on the comment box below.

Let me share with you two incidents:

Anonymous said...

Homesonic did the same thing to me, now they already have 54,900 pesos from my credit card.im so sad to find out that Homesonic is a Scam, I hope somebody can help me regarding this.

Anonymous said...

FOOH___22------} last 23rd of July my mom and i went to TUTUBAN CENTER MALL 2, den suddenly two fucking staff (CARMIE CAALAM) approached us telling that we have a free bag coz its their co. anniv....we refused to accept that fucking free bag, unfortunately there was no way out from that place coz the escalator wasnt working dat tym...we didnt have any choice but to look for the other way ...so badtrip!!!! coz the other escalator was near on their place (HOMESONIC)...they were very accomodating even if my face wasnt dat ryt....they used that situation telling us " don din naman kau dadaan mam kc sira yang escalator kya daanan nio nlang mam libre nman po yan dhil anniv po namen...) since taung pilipino has dis attitude na "sige n nga, and2 n rin lng naman.." kya aun, we entered the HELL........den they started to massage my mom and i wid their chair massager and beauty matte massager, that's BULLSHIT!!!...hahha! i was wondering dat tym...so d scam issue of kyowa entered my mind...so i asked them what was that all about.......and the DEMON CARMIE answered "this is to advertise our products!!!!..while we are waiting for the fucking bag!then suddenly the pregnant women entered and let me sign the paper,,,den i started giving my false information...my god, they hav no right to know how much savings i have....CRaZy deMons!!! this pathetic staff(pregnant women)started their strategy..telling us that we have won 10 umbrellas!!! so wat?!!!hahah...and den suddenly after confirmation from their so called head office they said that although we didnt qualify to that fucking thing.. we still have the privilege to pick one of their certicate.....den sbi pa ng isang staff pag blue daw ang nabunot q try again.......den i picked one envelope, and its blue!! but hnd try again ang nkasulat...discounted 2000 ang nakaindicate...and at the back of that voucher , it is indicated that we have a free energy cooker and the x in game chair...i asked pano namn nangyari un!!! Sb ng mga kumag ang swerte q daw dhil aq daw ung 5 n naqualify pra d2...then i keep on asking na pano nangyari until they showed us some more free fucking appliances that we'v qualified to get habang nagssigawan cla ng mga staff at masayang masayang n pinagagagawa nila.....sabay at the end of their makukuha q lng un free if i avail one of their products...sbi q ala aqng pera pra mag avail..but then they told me na if papipiliin anong product daw ung pipiliin namin..and then i said ung magagamit s business ung BIO ENERGY WATER SYSTEM...and then this FUCKING CARMIE persuaded us to withdraw kc magagamit nman daw namin un s business...she computed how much the profits i can get if i avail the BIO ENERGY WATER SYSTEM...then after the long conversation 5x qng sinabi na cancelled nlang...okei lng n di mauwi yan mga free n yan...mkikita mo tuloi s mga muka nila na nawalan ng energy!!!!hahahha....but the problem is my mom really wants the energy cooker kya nkita 2loi ung interest nia...sb q babalik kme tom coz i really want to do research first, pero ang dinahilan q kelangan q muna makausap ung husband q...den carmie told me na d daw possible un,,valid until dat day lng daw,, and den sb eh d cancelled m na....den sb if u want u can give 5000 for reservation...then i asked her is dat refundable sb nia off setted to items...so tumagal nnman ang discussion dahil sb q bket ganon...but then i cash out 5000 due to my mom's interest to get the energy cooker and the bio energy water system...When i went home, i did a research and found out that HOMESONIC is a SCAM!!!!!! i called the DTI, telling that there are cases filed against them,, then i called SEC, telling that HOMESONIC doesnt appear on their database and HOMESONIC doesnt have a licencse at all...My god!!! and after a day, i went back to TUTUBAN to get my money back....but they refused to give it...nkakatawa..ung isang staff, pinakilala sken ung supervisor nila,,,and den sb q last tym manager ang pakilala sken s taong yan ngaun supervisor nlang...gRabe!!! den i talked to thje so called manager/supervisor....trying to tell him to please coordinate it to their head office..and then d p xa nkikipagcoordinate may response n agad xa..patawa tlg!!!! dameng excuses!!! sb q asan ang head office nila, pupuntahan q...tapos hnd maisulat ng manager kung wat specific address...den suddenly ung isang staff lumabas form the rum giving the business card...grabe...ung business card ang nakalagay customer service,,sb q asan ang head office d2?? un daw ang head office nila.....at ittransfer din nman daw aq s knila khit pumunta daw aq don....anong klaseng head office un....hahah..at lahat nman daw ng company may negative feedbacks....nandamay p! kapal ng muka!!! hnd cla kinaya ng nerves q kya i did a scandal..i even tried to talk to one of their customer giving the handouts i have...and nagsisigaw aq s loob at labas ng office nila informing people that HOMESONIC is scam!!!!!!!!!!.....now, i want to file a complaint against them,,, that is only a small amount pero wat i want to is give that fucking company together with its demon staff a lesson.....

Penoy's Foot-in-Mouth disease

It seems that the President of our country is suffering from what journalists call "Footh-in-Mouth Disease". Issue after issue, Penoy and his miscommunications people manage to find their feet in their mouth the minute they open their mouths to defend themselves. I remember reading in an online news site that Penoy said during a wake that in two years time, people will look back on (the hostage incident) and just laugh. Oooops. Did he just say that out loud?
Then there's the comedy duo of Carandang and Coloma (sounds like a comedy act to me). Their statements regarding the missed phone call of HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang during "The Crisis" were too way off the mark that I am tempted to write a new book about them: Carandang is from Mars, Coloma is from Uranus.

Now comes the Juetengate issue being hurled against the president's top honchos. Instead of saying that he believes in the trustworthiness and honesty of his men, Penoy starts off his defense by saying that P2 million was "too cheap" to be true, a statement which makes some wonder if Penoy knows the going rate of jueteng payolas. Then his follow through about jueteng not being a priority of his government just shoved his foot deep into his throat. I wouldn't be surprised if, by this time tomorrow, the trio would have swallowed their feet with all their bumblings.

Yessiree, at every turn, issue after issue, the comedy trio of Penoy, Coloma and Carandang manage to put themselves into compromising positions, yet they still hang on to Penoy like the cute little tarsiers that they are. Truth be told, Penoy and his men don't need detractors -- they can do that all on their own.

Hello, Jueteng

The recent appointment of PNP Dir. General Raul Bacalzo as PNP Chief replacing Jesus Versoza, has been met with criticism from some junior officers of the National Police. Many claim that the new PNP Chief is involved in Jueteng and receives, along with some Malacanang official/s, payola in exchange for protection from jueteng. Mind you, these are all allegations, but persistent ones, nonetheless.

Then comes Usec. Puno of the DILG claiming he was offered by Jueteng Lords P2 million a month (an amount Penoy said was "cheap", as if he knows very well the going rate for jueteng payolas. hmmmm). Puno claims he declined the offer, but refuses to identify these people who offered him money. He claims no law was broken, although i doubt if attempting to bribe a government official isn't a crime in itself. These two officials of the Penoy administration both have a lot to explain since the rumors, stories and whispers involving them in jueteng are growing loudereach day.

Could it be that these two are not in position by accident? Could it be that Bacalzo and Puno were put there through the insistence of the powerful bulong brigade? And if the powerful bulong birgade pushed Penoy to appoint Bacalzo and Puno to the 2 top posts that are responsible for eradicating jueteng, then it logically follows that some members of the bulong brigade might have vested interests in jueteng and would want the police and the DILG to be "in good hands".

Then comes the question everyone wants to ask: Could Penoy have received payola during his legislative term of office, and could he have received campaign contributions from Jueteng Lords? Is this the reason he was hesitant to say who his contributors were? Is this the real reason why Penoy is trying his best to ease out Sec. Robredo (a staunch anti-jueteng advocate) without making it look like a political maneuver?

Let's face it. Penoy's announcement that jueteng is not in his list of priorities, plus the fact that he refuses to investigate allegations by retired Bishop Cruz that his top ranking officials are involved in jueteng or are receiving jueteng payolas, raises many eyebrows.

No matter which way you look at it, the situation is highly suspect, and the president has a lot to explain with regards to his seeming refusal to investigate his own men. With his actions, many cannot be faulted into thinking that the jueteng payola has reached the top of the political heap.