Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teach Penoy to Count

Penoy has been busy the past few weeks comparing the budget for his US Trip with that of his predecessor GMA. His (mis)communications group said that Penoy's trip would only cost about P25 million, staying at a Sofitel Hotel and eating at a Jollibee in Queens.

What he and his cohorts in Malacanang failed to say was that Penoy's trip would also entail hiring a US-based PR firm which some say would cost about P45 million. Carandang quickly denied that the PR Firm would pe paid that much money, but refused to say how much the Philippines is actually paying for it. So much for transparency.

What i think is likely to happen is that the real cost of the PR Firm will not be revelaed to the public and that some hocus-PCOS will take place to make it appear that the PR Firm was "a too good a deal to pass".

What is as clear as day is the fact that Penoy's trip will cost a whole lot more than just the P25 million "propaganda amount" that they have been trying to sell the public. Tough noogies, Ricky. No one seems to be buying it.

At the end of the day, Penoy and his (mis)communications group should learn to count because even the lowly taxi driver I talked to this afternoon doesn't believe that Penoy's US trip would cost only P25 million INCLUDING the PR firm job.

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