Friday, September 17, 2010

Penoy's Foot-in-Mouth disease

It seems that the President of our country is suffering from what journalists call "Footh-in-Mouth Disease". Issue after issue, Penoy and his miscommunications people manage to find their feet in their mouth the minute they open their mouths to defend themselves. I remember reading in an online news site that Penoy said during a wake that in two years time, people will look back on (the hostage incident) and just laugh. Oooops. Did he just say that out loud?
Then there's the comedy duo of Carandang and Coloma (sounds like a comedy act to me). Their statements regarding the missed phone call of HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang during "The Crisis" were too way off the mark that I am tempted to write a new book about them: Carandang is from Mars, Coloma is from Uranus.

Now comes the Juetengate issue being hurled against the president's top honchos. Instead of saying that he believes in the trustworthiness and honesty of his men, Penoy starts off his defense by saying that P2 million was "too cheap" to be true, a statement which makes some wonder if Penoy knows the going rate of jueteng payolas. Then his follow through about jueteng not being a priority of his government just shoved his foot deep into his throat. I wouldn't be surprised if, by this time tomorrow, the trio would have swallowed their feet with all their bumblings.

Yessiree, at every turn, issue after issue, the comedy trio of Penoy, Coloma and Carandang manage to put themselves into compromising positions, yet they still hang on to Penoy like the cute little tarsiers that they are. Truth be told, Penoy and his men don't need detractors -- they can do that all on their own.

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