Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Punong Puno na kami, Puno

Puno is clinging to power like the bayawak that he is (i would have said tarsier but tarsiers are cute, cuddly and lovable). He seems to be working under the impression that the Filipino people would forgive him if he announced that he will submit a courtesy resignation the moment Penoy arrives from the US.

What he doesn't seem to understand is that a courtesy resignation is not enough. What he should tender is an irrevocable resignation. Delicadeza demands it. He, however, seems to be ignorant of the word and continues to believe that he is "untouchable", what with Tony Boy himself telling Bishop Cruz to take it easy on Puno.

A piece of unsolicited advice, Usec. Puno: Cut and cut clean. Show a little honor, even if it's just for show. We know it's difficult for you to show honor when there isn't an iota of it in your body.

As your namesake once crooned, "Ang tao'y marupok..."

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