Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Missed Opportunity to Resolve the Mindanao Power Crisis

Back in 2010, then Energy Secretary Angie Reyes proposed that then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo be given emergency powers to resolve the Mindanao Power Crisis. This was seriously taken into consideration by the Palace, which saw the move as an opportunity to finally arrest the power crisis hounding the nation's second largest island. But many opposed the move, for various reasons. One of those who opposed the proposal to give PGMA emergency powers was Sen. Chiz Escudero. In a press release dated March 1, 2010:
"Escudero scored Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes for the proposal saying this move is a lame excuse to cover up the fact that the government’s energy officials have erred in their projection of power generation."
Escudero, in the same statement, also chided the government when he said:
“An effective and competent government should have been by now equipped with comprehensive energy plan or road map at the very least to avoid going to the extreme which is always a burden that ordinary people suffer”
Now, under the administration of Penoy Aquino the Turd, the power crisis in Mindanao has worsened, and while the energy officials of this administration remain clueless as to what to do, here comes the Yellow President's allies in Congress, all wanting to give Penoy emergency powers, the same powers PGMA was then asking for but was denied, to address the power crisis. And Lo and Behold, among those who want to give him mergency powers is no less than ass-kisser-in-chief Chiz Escudero, who said:

“I am willing to give the President more than emergency powers, given the gravity of the present situation. He should be granted standby power in case of extraordinary situations that he can exercise at his sound discretion without having to run to Congress every now and then and wait for its imprimatur” [source: The Daily Tribune]

Ano nga ba yung kasabihan? Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. So, as a challenge to Chiz and his ovrlord Penoy, I would like to throw back to their faces what they said when the past administration was asking for emergency powers, and I do hope they choke on it:
“An effective and competent government should have been by now equipped with comprehensive energy plan or road map at the very least to avoid going to the extreme which is always a burden that ordinary people suffer"

Hear that, Chiz and Penoy? You both knew, when you denied Gloria emergency powers, that this power crisis in Mindanao will worsen and hound the next administration after GMA, so you have no one to blame but yourselves. YOU ARE SELFISH, ARROGANT BIGOTS WHO WERE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY IN 2010 BUT YOU HAD TO LET POLITICS GET IN THE WAY OF PUBLIC SERVICE. THIS PROBLEM, DEAR SIRS, ARE OF YOUR OWN MAKING. YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Shame and A Sham

This is going to be a short blog. A certain female blogger who loves calling herself a journalist is a disgrace to the journalism profession and a disgrace to bloggers. If she had any dignity left, she'd stop. I wonder how much she got for selling her soul to the devil? Oooops. That question was meant to be rhetorical.

See, i told you it would be a short blog.

Friday, March 02, 2012


Having been raised by a trial lawyer for a father, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted with the reaction of private lawyer for the prosecution Vitaliano Aguirre while the esteemed Senator Miriam Defensor. At the latter end of his life, I used to drive my father to court, and in a few instances saw some judges lecture unprepared lawyers. I have never seen any lawyer answer back or show their irritation against a judge the way Aguirre did on February 29. My father used to say that as lawyers, they are officers of the court and should act with due deference to the presiding officer at all times, regardless of their personal feelings. Aguirre is an old hand in the practice of law, and yet his actions in the Impeachment Court belie his experience in the profession.


I guess my father and Aguirre come from different time periods, so I am assuming that their sense of responsibility as officers of the court are different as well. My father studied law at the MLQU, where among his barkadas were the late Hukom Bitay Max Asuncion and former Justice Melo. Either that, or Aguirre just loves hogging the limelight.


The INC activity at the Quirino Grandstand held last Feb. 28 was a success, judging from the number of people who attended said event. What baffles me is how the police and the yellow administration of Penoy can claim that the attendees only numbered around 400 thousand to 600 thousand, when it was clear as day that the number of attendees was obviously over a million! It’s obvious that the government wants to downplay the event, even going as far as misleading the public into believing Penoy was invited. Now that’s what I call delusion.


We would like to thank all those who attended the INC Rally on February 28 under the banner of the Sentinels of the Rule of Law. Special thanks to Mr. Alvin Capino of the Manila Standard Today who plugged the participation of the Sentinels in their radio program “Karambola” at the request of Sentinels co-founder Fernan Marasigan.


I recently received an email from a certain “Potpot” who read my previous blogs regarding the Homesonic scam. I’ve been writing about Homesonic for a few years now, and I honestly thought that they closed shop after being reported to the DTI. According to “Potpot” it's still around, undr a different name, and her experience with Homesonic happened just a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, she did not give them her credit card. For those who do not know, Homesonic will call you up at home to say you won some items and that you are required to claim it within the week. When you visit their store, they’ll push you to purchase other items as well (these items usually amount to a total of around P40,000.00). Then they will ask for your credit card and charge the items to your card if you cannot pay it in cash. Another variation of this scam is they will give you a ‘rigged’ scratch card that says you won an item. Back in the early 2000s, my now-deceased mother was nearly duped into purchasing items worth P40k (which is actually worth only about P10k if purchased individually in other stores) had my father not intervened and threatened to sue them. Let the buyer beware!


I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the late Horacio “Boy” Morales who passed away February 29. Morales was one of the original members of the former Manila San-Un Zendo (now Zen Center for Oriental Spirituality in the Philippines) where I used to work, and continue to be, a member of. #