Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Epic Fail

A big disappointment -- that's what I call the inauguration of the 15th President of the Yellow Brigade. The backdrop was tacky, to say the least, and their desire to make the event simple but elegant in the Obama Inauguration style ultimately ended up as a cross between Madam Auring's psychic shop and a Goldilocks display cabinet.

I heard Mike Enriquez this morning talking about how the inaugural event was proceeding like clockwork. Apparently the organziers' watches were 30 minutes advanced, leaving the diplomatic corps and the rest of the country unsure of what to do. To make up for the huge time gap, singer Noel Cabangon sang impromptu, which didn't really make things classier for the event.

What a rip off for those who got tickets, I tell you. It was as if the inauguration was a dry run for this Sunday's edition of Party Pilipinas. It was funny, in a way, because it could have been given a classy undertone had the inaugural people stuck with just the Philharmonic Orchestra as musical backdrop for the event. Instead, what we saw was the unfortunate demise of the people's respect for APO Hiking Society as a singing group, the mediocre performance of our "most talented artists", and the annoying way we keep crowding and hogging the stage.

Even his inaugural speech was a big disappointment. It was, to say the least, an effort to sound presidential without much brain activity going into the speech writing, which leads me to believe it was the president himself who wrote it. Come on, I could have written a better speech than that! My Educational Reform Speech for Erap was better than that, for crying out loud! And what was that? He actually showed the world (on live TV no less) what a big vindictive ass he is by announcing on his inauguration the creation of a truth commission to investigate his predecessor. What he could have at least done is call a press conference tomorrow to announce that his first executive order was the creation of a truth commission. That would have been presidential. Oh, and the environmentalists aren't happy with his speech, either. Apparently, Noy forgot about the environment in his list of priorities.

Now everyone knows the deal they got when they voted for Penoy, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Already, Penoy is making excuses by blaming the previous administration for everything, and laying the foundation for his failure to keep his campaign promises.

And so, at the end of the day, the 'big moment', that earth-shattering speech everyone was waiting for didn't materialize. the inauguration, which was dubbed the People's Inauguration, was a big disappointment. Many hopes pinned on this man are beginning to fade, and this is just day one of his term as president. The inauguration was an Epic Fail.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Aquino Coronation

Permission is granted to repost, but please include R.C. Banares as the artist of the artwork.

The Kris-James Brouhaha

Like those never-ending stories of mananaggals in Tondo come election time, the news of Kris and James' breakup appeared again in the different tabloids and even in some major dailies. the news articles more often than not include a video-grab of a teary-eyed Kris in an interview in her show "The Buzz".

What i found amusing was this: In her statement on her Sunday Gossip show, she said "Kung anuman ang dahilan why this marriage, on my part, I'm saying, is over, the only person I will owe an explanation to, and the only person who can demand from me na bakit kayo naghiwalay, is my son". It's funny because if she owes and explanation to no one except her son, why did she even bother coming out at all about their breakup on National TV? But like my good friend said, that's Kris. Even when she wants to be real quiet about something, she still manages to blab about it, one way or another.

Then, she further added: "The worst thing I can do for Baby James is, when he's 7 or 8 years old, ang mahanap niya sa YouTube yung explanation kung bakit naghiwalay ang nanay at tatay niya. He deserves much more than that. He deserves to hear it only from me and only from James. Because in any separation, there are two sides to the story. And we owe it to him, James will owe it to him, that I will owe it to him to explain to him."

I think what Baby James would say when he's 7 or 8 years old is this: "Mommy, why did you have to announce to the world you are breaking up with Daddy?" But again, my friend would justify it with two simple words-- that's Kris.

According to an article written by Ricky Lo dated June 28, he wrote: They always clash because of Kris’ tendency to control James,” said somebody privy to the couple’s life. “Their differences are irreconcilable. Every time they fought, Kris would threaten to separate from James, saying, ‘Ayoko na talaga; sawa na ako. Hiwalay na tayo!’ This time around, James retaliated by saying, ‘Hiwalay kung hiwalay!’ I think they have reached a point of no return, no reconciliation.”

If this is indeed the case, then I think it is only right for James to call it quits. I can just imagine what life must have been like for James, living under the shadow of Kris and her family, and the eternal nagging that might (or might not) have happened on a daily basis.

To Kris, I only have this to say: Whatever misery you are in right now, you deserve every drop of it. if what i have been observing on TV reflects your true persona, then it is not surprising that your relationships with men always end up this way. There is a lot of self-realization you need to do, and you must acknowledge your faults (not just by saying them on TV but actually trying your best to change them) if you do not want to end up a bitter person.

And to James, i only have three words for you: HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wear Black on June 30

To show the world that the remaining 60% of the Philippine Population did not vote for Penoy, we would like to encourage everyone to wear black on June 30, on the day of his inauguration as President.

Let us show the Aquinos that not all of us are blinded by their so-called "yellow mystique". Wearing black will also symbolize our disgust over the rise of Kamag-Anak and Friends, Inc.

On June 30, let us mourn for our nation as Noynoy Aquino is elevated to the throne of the presidency -- a presidency which his family feels is their rightful inheritance.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aquino Ass-Kissing World Cup

While the World Cup is being held in South Africa, we in the Philippines are hosting the 2nd Aquino Ass-Kissing World Cup (The first AAK World Cup was held in 1986 and was then called the Cory Rump-Kiss Cup).

Vying for first place is Team Manila led by Mayor Fred Lim who scored a whopping 50 points with his "Outstanding Manileno" Maneuver. Yes, sports fans, Mayor Lim gave Noy Aquino, a known resident of Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City, an award for Outstanding Manileno! What nerves of steel! Beat that, ABiaS-CBN!

But wait! Team ABiaS-CBN (also known as Team Dos) isn't about to let Team Manila go for gold. Team Dos is going for the "All Aquino, All the Time" News Program ploy! Wow! What a big kiss-in-the-ass performance, ladies and gentlemen! this earned Team Dos an additional 45 points!

Team Kamag-Anak Inc. simply won't be outdone and has employed the "backstabbers" move. Team Captain Peping is leading the charge with his patented "don't listen to them... listen to Me" stance doubled with the "blood is thicker than water" ploy. Man, that chin has got to be aerodynamic! We are not certain how effective his ploy will be versus Team Bulong Brigade though, who has employed the Magsulsol sa Pangulo technique to counter Team Kamag-anak Inc.'s advances!

Hold on, folks! it seems another team is vying for the AAK Cup, and this team's ploy may just land them first place! Team Penk led by their team Captain Penk Chink has let lose their secret weapon-- The "Inaugural Cake" Move which is supposed to be a Wolrd Cup first! Wow!! And wait! They are also employing the "It's Absolutely Free" coupled with the "It's Banana Walnut Flavor" maneuver. What a move! It seems for now that Team Penk has the nod of referees Ballsy, Pinky, Viel and Kris!

It's going to be a hot fight for Aquino Ass-Kissing World Cup, folks! Who will win the World Cup this year? We will know on June 30! Abangan!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tangible Proofs of Development

Everywhere we go nowadays, we see proof of PGMA's legacy to the Filipino people. NLEX, SLEX, SCTEX are only some of the infrastructures people today enjoy as part of the Arroyo administration's programs. The Strong Republic Nautical Highway or Ro-Ro now connects the entire archipelago via roll-on, roll-off ports. The long mothballed NAIA 3 terminal was opened during her term and the linking of SLEX and NLEX is now near completion.

The linking of the LRT and MRT lines, the rehabilitation of the PNR and the creation of the NorthRail lines from Caloocan to Subic, the modern interchanges along SLEX and the Batangas Star Expressway are also clear evidence of the Arroyo Administration's legacy of development.

Economic programs under her administration managed to spare the nation from effects of the global financial crunch, a fact not many seem to realize. Also under her term, we came to participate in the first ever automated elections. Despite many rumors that she will hold on to her position beyond 2010, we see a peaceful transition of power from the Arroyo administration to the incoming Aquino administration.

It is a fact that the incoming president will reap much of what the Arroyo government has sown, and many may criticize her for many things, but these tangible proofs of her administration will remain with us for many decades to come.

Transcript of PGMA's Farewell Speech

On 23 June 2010, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines, delivered her farewell speech -- her valedictory, if you will. Here is the transcript in full.


My fellow Filipinos,

We come together tonight as we approach a hallmark of democracy for our great nation – the smooth transition of power to a new leader.

We have just come through a historic election. It was open and it was modern.

As a result, we were able to declare winners in hours and days rather than weeks and months. The face of politics in our nation has changed forever.

Tonight, I once again congratulate president-elect Aquino and vice president-elect Binay.

Nine years ago, I came to the presidency at a time of great turmoil in our nation. I accepted the challenge of the office when it was thrust upon me.

At that time, our country was reeling from political intrigue and a distressed economy.

We set to work to reform our economy and invest in our people. Along the way, we had to make unpopular choices such as raising taxes but we did so against the odds for a very simple reason: we had to have new money for more and better healthcare, education, and job creation.

We needed new and better roads, bridges, ports and a technology backbone to attract new businesses and investors to create new jobs.

Through hard work, determination and a clear plan of action, we helped achieve many of these objectives.

As a result, we have had 37 quarters of uninterrupted economic growth even against the headwinds of a major global recession.

Look around you in our cities as you drive by the office towers that have changed the skyline.

Look around you in our provinces as you drive along the roads, bridges and Ro-Ro ports where we have made massive investments.

This is the face of change.

Eighty-five percent of our people now have access to Philhealth insurance, over a hundred thousand classrooms have been built and nine-million jobs have been created.

We developed the call-center industry almost from scratch. Today there are 500,000 call-center and BPO jobs when only 5,000 existed when I took office.

Yet, these accomplishments are merely part of the continuum of history.

The gains I made were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progress of the previous one.

Advance the programs that work and leave behind those that don’t.

I feel confident that we are leaving this nation much stronger than I came to office but I leave that for history to judge.

Tonight, I call on everyone to unite behind our new leaders. I am optimistic and I am hopeful about our future yet until every Filipino child is born to a family free of poverty, we cannot rest.

We must always set our sights on the future and keep an eye on improving our economy, investing in people and building bridges, not just bridges of iron and steel but bridges between people, generations and governments.

The bridges we must build to the future rest on the hard work, grace and compassion of our people.

The people of our nation are our greatest asset.

You are the backbone that drives our nation forward everyday.

From the fisherman to the farmer, to the taxi driver and the teacher, we are a nation of industrious, hardworking people.

I thank each and everyone for your contribution to help the Philippines achieve our potential.

This time next week I will be moving into new phase of life leading a quieter public role.

We’re all on a journey together. As our nation moves forward let us all join hands in unity and walk confidently towards a better tomorrow.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me the honor and privilege of serving you.

Malaking karangalan ang makapag-lingkod sa sambayanan bilang Pangulo.

Sa inyong lahat na napag-silbihan ko sa mahirap ngunit makasaysayang landas, maraming maraming salamat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PGMA's Farewell Address

As recently as January 2010, many critics of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have been saying that she will not step down from the presidency. Well, she is, and here's her farewell message. Eat your heart out, Teddy Casiño.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's All in the (Aquino) Family

It appears that the 40% of the Filipino people who voted for Penoy are not just getting 1, but 5 presidents! Yes, indeed, folks. What a deal they are getting. In an interview with Ted Failon on June 19, Ballsy admitted that Noynoy might have a difficult time deciding on important matters so Ballsy said she will be watching him like a hawk and, if he still cannot make up his mind, would give him a "final push" into making the "right" decision. And if i guess right, the other 3 sisters will be doing that, too.

Yessiree, ladies and gentlemen. You have elected to the highest office in the land one Penoy and 4 sisters. What a Deal! Kris, from what we have been reading in the papers recently, might be the one tasked to select and lobby for the Senate leadership while sister Ballsy might be in-charge of policy and decision-making, if i am reading the Failon interview correctly. That leaves Ate Viel and Ate Pinky, whose roles in the presidency of five is unclear, for now. So technically, Noynoy's role will be strictly ceremonial with not much brain activity involved.

(But that's not all, folks! When you elected the 5-in-one President, you also got not just their friends, but also the entire Cojuangco-Aquino Clan! That's right! The Kamag-Anak Inc. of yesteryears has evolved into a hybrid group more aptly called Kamag-Anak and Friends, Inc. Look at what you're getting -- Peping Cojuangco, Jim Paredes, Boy Abunda, Ogie Alcasid, Dingdong Dantes... and the list goes on and on!)

It seems clear that the Aquino siblings are taking the Office of the President to a whole new level. It is as if the Presidency, much like their claim on EDSA 1, People Power and the Yellow Ribbon are their God-given birthright and that they, as anointed members of the Philippine Holy Family, are allowed by virtue to share in the power vested in the president by the constitution.

The Office of the President has now become a family business, and many are beginning to realize what the next six years will be like, and it ain't good.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jim Paredes eyed as Tourism Secretary

I really cannot understand the insistence of the incoming administration in appointing celebrities for the Tourism Department. First it was Boy Abunda, now it's Jim Paredes. I cannot help but think that this is some sort of payback for their support for Noynoy during the campaign period. There are a lot of more deserving career officials who have risen from the ranks in the Tourism Department.

Instead of just giving this juicy post as a sort of thank you to his loyal followers, Noynoy should instead review the performance of career officials in the Tourism Department and appoint from within. These career officials know the ins and outs of the government department and would serve the department best. The post of Department Secretary is not some juicy steak that can be handed out to favored friends as gifts.

Many people already find these type of appointments by the incoming chief executive a big turn off and far from the 'daang matuwid' he has been bragging about during the past presidential campaign.

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Only a Car Ride, P-Noy

Fetching the outgoing President by the President-Elect is a long standing Philippine presidential inaugural tradition dating back to the time of Os-Rox (Osmena-Roxas). It symbolizes continuity of government and shows camaraderie between the outgoing and incoming President. It is short of saying to the world "Walang personalan, trabaho lang". It shows the Filipino people and the world that there is unity in governance.

Imagine this writer's surprise when i read in that P-Noy is anxious about the traditional ride with outgoing President Arroyo. In the news report, Noynoy said "To be honest, I'm wondering whether I should open the door for her as a sign of respect. It might turn out that I'm violating protocol. There's also been discussion about whether I should fetch her." As i finished reading the line, it made me think that Noynoy might try and wriggle his way out of this tradition as well. (Remember that he tried to wriggle his way out of holding his inauguration and oathtaking at the Quirino Grandstand, only to backtrack and say he'll do what tradition dictates). I wasn't surprised when he added that he cannot remember if Cory practiced the tradition with FVR.

I now see that P-Noy has trouble with traditions. I cannot believe that a grown man is afraid of spending a few minutes inside a car with the outgoing president and according her some amount (or at least some semblance) of respect. Santa Maria! Even opening the door for the outgoing president seems to be a task too heavy for P-Noy. I ask you, why would opening the door for a lady be too much of a task, if one were a gentleman? But then again, P-Noy is not a gentleman. His stand on President Gloria show the world what kind of man he is.

If he is anxious with his car ride with PGMA, then it wouldn't surprise me now if he faints upon meeting Obama. Meeting the most powerful man in the world would be too daunting for P-Noy, i think, that the ride with Gloria would seem like child's play. I suddenly remembered the inauguration and oathtaking of Obama. Although he and Bush were from different parties and Obama was critical of the Bush Administration, every ounce of respect was accorded Bush by the incoming President. In his speech he even thanked outgoing president Bush. That is statemanship.

Sadly, I cannot say the same thing about P-Noy, who, instead of following tradition chooses to try and do it his way, instead of being magnanimous in his victory he chose to be a gloating ass, and instead of healing the wounds caused by political rifts, he has instead chosen to divide this nation.

Meddlesome Kris

Kris backing Kiko as Senate head | The Philippine Star >> News >> Headlines

Heaven Help Us All!

Kris Aquino is obviously a glutton for punishment. It seems she is not content with all the flak she is getting for involving herself with his brother P-Noy's affairs and has decided to involve herself once more, this time with the race for the Senate Presidency (see above link). I'm sure that later this morning, the blogsphere will be abuzz with blogs about this juicy tidbit.

Kris is already in too much hot water with bloggers for her less than tactful role in "helping" her brother appoint "loyal supporters" to juicy positions in government. She has gotten too many criticisms for suggesting that her brother P-Noy appoint her BFF Boy Abunda as Tourism Secretary. She and Noy defended the planned appointment, saying Boy was more than qualified for the job. But at least several opinion makers and dozens of bloggers have counter-argued that there are others far more qualified than Boy. Luckily for Kris, the issue did not grow into a brouhaha following her BFF's decision to decline the offer. Then there is her offer to Mother Lily to head Optical Media Board, Dingdong Dantes to the National Youth Commission,and God knows who else.

It will be remembered that Kris also got herself (i mean her mouth got her) into a heap of trouble when she said in one of her many TV interviews during the campaign period that she would leave the country if Noynoy is elected (there is the "if" argument by Krizombies: they claim she said she'll leave IF she becomes a problem for Noy). Many counter that she has been a problem not just of Noy but of her mother and other siblings long before Noy ran for office, so the "if" argument, they claim, is moot and academic. But i digress. This statement led to the creation of a Facebook Page called "Kris Aquino's Despedida" or simply known as KAD. Since it was created, over 28,000 people want Kris to keep her word and leave the Country.

You think she'd learn, but no. In an article in, it seems that Kris is again in meddle mode. If sources of are to be believed, Kris herself called up some senators to back Pangilinan's bid for the Senate Presidency. Now I don't know where Kris derives her authority from, but i hope it isn't from his brother. I mean, if she does have the go-ahead of P-Noy, it is a clear violation of the ineendence of a co-equal branch of government. The reason the Executive Department is prevented from meddling into its co-equal branhes of government is simple: check and balance. If the executive has control of the legislative and judicial branches, there is no check and balance. But more importantly, a presidential sister has no right to meddle in political affairs, much less choose who to appoint or put into which department or position.

I pray i am wrong, but if this is a trend we are seeing, we can expect more of Kris' meddling into his brother's affairs in the future. As of now, everyone is keeping a guarded eye on the Presidential Sister and waiting for the the shoe to drop.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on the death of Phillip Pestano

I opened my inbox this morning to find a message with a link to the copy of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on the death of Phillip Pestano.

To give you a background on Phillip Pestano, i will post the introduction from

On September 27, 1995 , BRP BACOLOD CITY , or LC550, a Philippine Navy ship, was on it’s way from Sangley, Cavite to the Philippines Navy Headquarters ( HPN) at Roxas Boulevard , Manila.

With a ship complement of 8 Officers and 42 Enlisted men, LC550 was considered to be the Flag Ship of the Philippine Navy. As the ship was about to dock at the HPN Pier at around 8:10 A.M., one of the ship’s key officers, ENS PHILLIP A PESTANO, PN, their Deck

and Cargo Officer, was not at his designated station.

His fellow officer, Ens Joselito Colico ( Mess Officer) was tasked by the ship’s EX-O Lt Ruben Roque, to call on Ens Pestaño. There was no answer. With the use of a master key, Ens Colico opened the door of the cabin. There, he found Ens Pestaño, lying motionless, with his body perpendicular to the bed, both his feet on the ground, and both arms outstretched. 24 inches away from his body, located between his two feet was a .45 caliber gun. On the table was a torn lined paper, previously folded, and what appeared to be suicide note.

At 9:43 A.M., police investigators from the WPD, led by SPO Dennis Javier, arrived at the scene to conduct its investigation. They reported a case of suicide.

This website invites you to get to know Phillip and his tragic fate. It will walk you through the crime scene, how the different agencies of the Philippine government rendered their findings and reported the case as suicide; how local and international experts concluded that it was in fact, murder.

It will show you how, in 1997, the Philippine Senate deliberated, and thru the pro bono legal representation of then Ex Senator, Senator Aquilino Pimentel (re-elected anew in 2002 ), concluded that it was indeed murder.

It directed the Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct a deeper investigation on Ens Pestaño’s murder case.And finally, it will show you that the Office of the Ombudsman, thru the Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ), despite conclusive findings that Ens Phillip Pestaño’s death was a murder case, resolved it closed and terminated in 2000, asserting that “the conduct of further investigation in order to find out the identity of the perpetrator and his accomplices, if any, will only be a waste of time considering that the physical evidence has already been tampered with not to mention the lapse of time.”

To date, one can find in the annals and official records of the Philippine Navy, that one Ens. Phillip Andrew A. Pestaño, SN 0-11193, committed suicide on September 27,1995.

We know it was not a suicide. You know it was not a suicide.

We invite you to look at the facts of the case. Revisit the crime scene. Recount the events.

Then, let us speak up, and break the culture of silence.


It has been all of 15 years and the family of Phillip Pestano is eager for justice to be meted out to the people responsible for his death. Numerous investigations have been done, including a Senate investigation led by then Senator Aquilino Pimentel, to no avail.

It is not just the issue of finding out who are the people behind the brutal killing and brining them to the light of justice, , but it is also an issue of corruption in the Philippine Navy. It is the belief of many that Phillip may have stumbled upon illegal activities by the Philippine Navy. It may be that the PN is using its ships for more than just routine patrols.

I hope that the incoming administration of Noynoy Aquino will finally be able to create a competent commission to investigate and finally put the people behind Phillip's death to justice. It will be a feather on the cap of the incoming Aquino administration if the case of Phillip will finally be given closure, and the family and friends of Phillip Pestano shall not rest until justice is served.

For those who wish to read the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Report, click here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noynoy: Fastest Mouth in the Land

The months leading up to May 10 were so eventful that it was like watching an addicting TV series. The sad part is that this is the real thing and we're stuck with it... for now. During the campaign, we've witnessed the fastest mouth in the west in action. Whether it be on TV, Radio or the print Media, there would always be a Noynoy sound bite or quotable quote.

I was eagerly monitoring the news media for updates on the campaign during those days and whenever i would here a sound bite from Noynoy, it makes me wonder if he actually thinks before he speaks. He easily gives promises left and right to news reporters who may or may not be baiting him into making those promises in the first place. One such promise is quitting smoking.

On February 19, noynoy guested on Mike Enriquez's radio program on DZBB. In that interview, Noynoy said:

"Malamang [ititigil ko na ang paninigarilyo]. Ngayon pa lang, magsisindi tayo marami na ang picture taking, 'di naisip, nasasanay tayo".

That promise was made 3 months before the elections. Later, after the elections, he was again quoted regarding smoking, but the message was entirely different.

Kung kaya akong tulakin sa maliit na bagay yan [smoking], kaya akong tulakin sa mas malaki. At pag ganun papatulan mo, wala akong desisyon, mahiya naman ako sa mga sumuporta sa akin.

So in a short span of a few months, Noynoy has changed his tune, giving the phrase Hindsight is always 20-20 vision a new meaning.

Much more recently, we've had this hulabaloo about where Noynoy will be holding his oathtaking. In my previous post i said that if Noynoy just followed tradition, there would have been no problem. Well, lo and behold! After so much talk about his oathtaking being held at the Quezon Memorial Circle, he finally changes his mind and says he will take the oath of office at the Quirino Grandstand.

You've got to wonder how his brain works. It seems his mouth answers on a kind of reflex action, followed hours later by some sort of brain activity. And it appears that at least two children of Cory suffer from the "talk-first, think later" syndrome. Kris, Noy's little sister, is also prone to talking first without thinking only to find herself embroiled in so much brouhaha afterwards. Because of this, an entire Facebook Page was created just for her (Kris Aquino's Despedida now has 28,000 members as of this writing).

Yep, we're stuck with Mister Foot-in-the-Mouth and his family, and it's going to a long six years for all of us. And with so many problems facing our nation today, one has to wonder if Noynoy and his fast-talking mouth is really suited for the job of President.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Noy, Urong Sulong ka ha....

When everyone thought that Noynoy's oathtaking and inaugral speech will take place in Quezon Memorial Circle, he again backtracked and said that he would hold the oath-taking at Quirino Grandstand but deliver his speech at Quezon Circle. WTF???

I know people who are fickle-minded, but this is ridiculous! Make up your mind, man! Or better yet, just stick with tradition. With tradition, you'll never go wrong.

I don't know if Noy even thought about how his decisions (or more to the point, indecisions) would be perceived by the public. After all, the public wants a decisive leader who can make decisions not just with wisdom but with expediency, too.

His recent actions regarding the venues for his oath-taking and inaugural speech are so unimportant in the grander scheme of things that one has to wonder why he even bothers to make this an issue in the first place.

This country is wrought with problems ranging from poverty to corruption, and here we see our president-elect running left and right in no apparent direction like a headless chicken, worrying about something that doesn't need worrying.

Noy, keep it together. You haven't even started your term of office and here you are acting all scatterbrain for the whole world to see.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bakit nga ba P-Noy?

Sa isang interview kamakailan sa telebisyon, aking napanood na sinabi ni noynoy na hindi pa siya handang matawag na Pangulong Noynoy Aquino, kaya't nais niyang matawag na P-Noy

Noong panahon, ang media ang nagbabansag ng mga palayaw sa mga pangulo at sikat na politiko. Halimbawa: Si Mayor Arseno Lacson ay nabansagang Arsenic dahil sa kanyang mala-acidong mga artikulo sa diyaro, si Pangulong Marcos ay tinawag ng mga reporters na FM, Si Corazon Aquino ay binansagang Cory or Tita Cory, si Pangulong Ramos ay FVR, si Joseph Estrada ay binansagan sa kanyang screen name na Erap, at si Gloria Arroyo ay binansagang PGMA. Sa lahat ng pagkakataon sa nabanggit kong ehemplo, mga mamamahayag o taumbayan ang siyang nagbansag ng mga palayaw na ito.

Ang aking katanungan ay ganito: Bakit sa pagkakataong ito, si Noynoy Aquino ang pumipili ng dapat ibansag sa kanya? Itong tanong ko po ay walang halong malisya... ako po lamang ay nagtatanong, kasi nga, hindi na naman ayon sa tradisyon ang nagaganap. isa pang drawing....

eto pa ang isa.... kundisyon sa paggamit ay nasa isang post ko po na nauna dito sa post na ito.

Walang magawa kaya heto, nag drawing...

habang mino-monitor ko ang iba't ibang forums na may kinalaman sa pulitika at showbiz (yes, i monitor showbiz forums, so sue me), naalala ko na kung bakit matumal ngayon ang mga nagpo-post ng comments... Linggo nga pala ngayon. So habang ako ay naghihintay sa pagdating ng mga posts, binuksan ko ang aking powerpoint at ako ay nag-doodle ng isang mukha na kakatawan sa aking pagkakakilala kay Noynoy... at heto ang mga kinalabasan...

Ako ay pumapayag na gamiting ninyong avatar or profile pic or ipasa ang larawan sa itaas. Tanging hiling ko lang ay huwag buburahin ang credit sa baba ng larawan. Salamt po.