Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noynoy: Fastest Mouth in the Land

The months leading up to May 10 were so eventful that it was like watching an addicting TV series. The sad part is that this is the real thing and we're stuck with it... for now. During the campaign, we've witnessed the fastest mouth in the west in action. Whether it be on TV, Radio or the print Media, there would always be a Noynoy sound bite or quotable quote.

I was eagerly monitoring the news media for updates on the campaign during those days and whenever i would here a sound bite from Noynoy, it makes me wonder if he actually thinks before he speaks. He easily gives promises left and right to news reporters who may or may not be baiting him into making those promises in the first place. One such promise is quitting smoking.

On February 19, noynoy guested on Mike Enriquez's radio program on DZBB. In that interview, Noynoy said:

"Malamang [ititigil ko na ang paninigarilyo]. Ngayon pa lang, magsisindi tayo marami na ang picture taking, 'di naisip, nasasanay tayo".

That promise was made 3 months before the elections. Later, after the elections, he was again quoted regarding smoking, but the message was entirely different.

Kung kaya akong tulakin sa maliit na bagay yan [smoking], kaya akong tulakin sa mas malaki. At pag ganun papatulan mo, wala akong desisyon, mahiya naman ako sa mga sumuporta sa akin.

So in a short span of a few months, Noynoy has changed his tune, giving the phrase Hindsight is always 20-20 vision a new meaning.

Much more recently, we've had this hulabaloo about where Noynoy will be holding his oathtaking. In my previous post i said that if Noynoy just followed tradition, there would have been no problem. Well, lo and behold! After so much talk about his oathtaking being held at the Quezon Memorial Circle, he finally changes his mind and says he will take the oath of office at the Quirino Grandstand.

You've got to wonder how his brain works. It seems his mouth answers on a kind of reflex action, followed hours later by some sort of brain activity. And it appears that at least two children of Cory suffer from the "talk-first, think later" syndrome. Kris, Noy's little sister, is also prone to talking first without thinking only to find herself embroiled in so much brouhaha afterwards. Because of this, an entire Facebook Page was created just for her (Kris Aquino's Despedida now has 28,000 members as of this writing).

Yep, we're stuck with Mister Foot-in-the-Mouth and his family, and it's going to a long six years for all of us. And with so many problems facing our nation today, one has to wonder if Noynoy and his fast-talking mouth is really suited for the job of President.

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