Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tangible Proofs of Development

Everywhere we go nowadays, we see proof of PGMA's legacy to the Filipino people. NLEX, SLEX, SCTEX are only some of the infrastructures people today enjoy as part of the Arroyo administration's programs. The Strong Republic Nautical Highway or Ro-Ro now connects the entire archipelago via roll-on, roll-off ports. The long mothballed NAIA 3 terminal was opened during her term and the linking of SLEX and NLEX is now near completion.

The linking of the LRT and MRT lines, the rehabilitation of the PNR and the creation of the NorthRail lines from Caloocan to Subic, the modern interchanges along SLEX and the Batangas Star Expressway are also clear evidence of the Arroyo Administration's legacy of development.

Economic programs under her administration managed to spare the nation from effects of the global financial crunch, a fact not many seem to realize. Also under her term, we came to participate in the first ever automated elections. Despite many rumors that she will hold on to her position beyond 2010, we see a peaceful transition of power from the Arroyo administration to the incoming Aquino administration.

It is a fact that the incoming president will reap much of what the Arroyo government has sown, and many may criticize her for many things, but these tangible proofs of her administration will remain with us for many decades to come.

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