Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Noy, Urong Sulong ka ha....

When everyone thought that Noynoy's oathtaking and inaugral speech will take place in Quezon Memorial Circle, he again backtracked and said that he would hold the oath-taking at Quirino Grandstand but deliver his speech at Quezon Circle. WTF???

I know people who are fickle-minded, but this is ridiculous! Make up your mind, man! Or better yet, just stick with tradition. With tradition, you'll never go wrong.

I don't know if Noy even thought about how his decisions (or more to the point, indecisions) would be perceived by the public. After all, the public wants a decisive leader who can make decisions not just with wisdom but with expediency, too.

His recent actions regarding the venues for his oath-taking and inaugural speech are so unimportant in the grander scheme of things that one has to wonder why he even bothers to make this an issue in the first place.

This country is wrought with problems ranging from poverty to corruption, and here we see our president-elect running left and right in no apparent direction like a headless chicken, worrying about something that doesn't need worrying.

Noy, keep it together. You haven't even started your term of office and here you are acting all scatterbrain for the whole world to see.

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