Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Only a Car Ride, P-Noy

Fetching the outgoing President by the President-Elect is a long standing Philippine presidential inaugural tradition dating back to the time of Os-Rox (Osmena-Roxas). It symbolizes continuity of government and shows camaraderie between the outgoing and incoming President. It is short of saying to the world "Walang personalan, trabaho lang". It shows the Filipino people and the world that there is unity in governance.

Imagine this writer's surprise when i read in that P-Noy is anxious about the traditional ride with outgoing President Arroyo. In the news report, Noynoy said "To be honest, I'm wondering whether I should open the door for her as a sign of respect. It might turn out that I'm violating protocol. There's also been discussion about whether I should fetch her." As i finished reading the line, it made me think that Noynoy might try and wriggle his way out of this tradition as well. (Remember that he tried to wriggle his way out of holding his inauguration and oathtaking at the Quirino Grandstand, only to backtrack and say he'll do what tradition dictates). I wasn't surprised when he added that he cannot remember if Cory practiced the tradition with FVR.

I now see that P-Noy has trouble with traditions. I cannot believe that a grown man is afraid of spending a few minutes inside a car with the outgoing president and according her some amount (or at least some semblance) of respect. Santa Maria! Even opening the door for the outgoing president seems to be a task too heavy for P-Noy. I ask you, why would opening the door for a lady be too much of a task, if one were a gentleman? But then again, P-Noy is not a gentleman. His stand on President Gloria show the world what kind of man he is.

If he is anxious with his car ride with PGMA, then it wouldn't surprise me now if he faints upon meeting Obama. Meeting the most powerful man in the world would be too daunting for P-Noy, i think, that the ride with Gloria would seem like child's play. I suddenly remembered the inauguration and oathtaking of Obama. Although he and Bush were from different parties and Obama was critical of the Bush Administration, every ounce of respect was accorded Bush by the incoming President. In his speech he even thanked outgoing president Bush. That is statemanship.

Sadly, I cannot say the same thing about P-Noy, who, instead of following tradition chooses to try and do it his way, instead of being magnanimous in his victory he chose to be a gloating ass, and instead of healing the wounds caused by political rifts, he has instead chosen to divide this nation.


Anonymous said...

HE IS ANXIOUS BECAUSE OF ALL THE BAD THINGS SHE SAID TO THE PRESIDENT AND HIS FORMER COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR. He is just brave in the media but when placed face to face with the person he is badmouthing, HE HAS NO BACKBONE AT ALL!

Mapangurirat said...

@anonymous: true, he has no backbone at all...