Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jim Paredes eyed as Tourism Secretary

I really cannot understand the insistence of the incoming administration in appointing celebrities for the Tourism Department. First it was Boy Abunda, now it's Jim Paredes. I cannot help but think that this is some sort of payback for their support for Noynoy during the campaign period. There are a lot of more deserving career officials who have risen from the ranks in the Tourism Department.

Instead of just giving this juicy post as a sort of thank you to his loyal followers, Noynoy should instead review the performance of career officials in the Tourism Department and appoint from within. These career officials know the ins and outs of the government department and would serve the department best. The post of Department Secretary is not some juicy steak that can be handed out to favored friends as gifts.

Many people already find these type of appointments by the incoming chief executive a big turn off and far from the 'daang matuwid' he has been bragging about during the past presidential campaign.

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