Friday, June 30, 2006

Politically speaking

I usually save my political jabbering for my other blog, Many friends ask me why I even botehr to come up with such a blog page supporting the president. Well, my objective is not to pick up a fight with the anti-Arroyos but to make them see at least some of the good works she has done for the country. This, of course, is a tad bit futile since the anti-GMAs and the Pro-GMAs have already made up their minds about their sides. Take this impeachment thing. Many would assume that we from the pro-GMA camp are against the impeachment. We are for the process. What we dont agree on is the case itself. Rehashing old complaints for lack of a strong case is not something we take lightly especially since it is our money, the people's money that is going to be used for te impeachment. Yes, let the prcoess go on, but let justice and the law prevail as well. Technicalities are as part of the law and the legal process and should be accepted as such. Congressmen in the opposition who are lawyers know about technicalities since they themselves must have used them at one point in their careers as lawyers. Why object to technicalities now? I will tell you why! Because it is not in their favor. And that, my friends, is politics in this country, politically speaking.


My high school classmate Tina Viola arrived from Los Agneles last week and she scheduled a small get-together for our batch at Aruba in Ortigas. Although we expected a small number of people to come, we didn't expect it to be THAT small. Tehre were four of us all in all. Tina, Nette Vaca, Ramona Marquez and myself. Don't get me wrong. It was a fun get-together filled with alcohol and stories from our high school years. All in all, I can say that it was a fun-filled evening. Tonight there will be another gathering, this time in Greenbelt and I hope many of our batchmates can come.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Guys, i'm so happy you liked my art. I have new ones but since my PC is out of order (again!) i wont be able to upload it anytime soon. But i promise that as soon as my PC is up and running again, i'm gonna post my latest artworks for you guys! thanks for your patronage.


Friends of Mapangurirat, my sister andi i have moved to our new home in MArikina City. We will be updating you with pics of our new residence as well as interesting places to visit in Marikina!