Monday, January 22, 2007

Deeply honored

I was browsing through the google search engine when i encountered my name in another blog. Here is what i encountered (i have copied and pasted it here so you'll see what i read verbatim):

Fender Santos rendered eloquently a Tagalog poem written by Rodel Banares entitled Manong Max. Bobby Reyes recited a poem written by Max in 1947. Lawyers, Linda Sarno and Edmund Anciano read touching messages from fans of Max's By the ...International Trade & Market -

I was deeply touched that my poem "Manong Max" was among those read at a tribute for the late great publisher Maximo Soliven by FilAms in Los Angeles. I am humbled and yet at the same time proud that a poem as simple as "Manong Max" was among those picked to be read at the solemn ceremony in LA. Too bad that when i tried the URL link, i encountered a page error. I hope i can read the blog in full.

Here is the short poem i wrote fas tribute Max Soliven:

Manong Max
By Rodel C. Banares

Armas Mong Hawak Ay Pluma
Katotohanan ang iyong tinta
Na isinulat sa pahina ng Kasaysayan
At nakauikit sa aming kamalayan.

Sa iyong pagkawala
Hindi matutuyo ang pluma!
Ipagpapatuloy ng bawat Pilipino
Ang sinimulan mong kabanata.

Katotohanan ang pinuhunan
Katotohanan siyang patuloy na ipaglalaban
Sapagkat ang aral ng iyong paglisan
Ang katotohanan ang siyang nakapagpapalaya!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

College Days

Though i went to Adamson University to take up AB Political Arts in the 90's, it was my college days in Angelicum that were the most memorable. On my first day in Angelicum, i was stopped by the guard (i wasn't wearing the prescribed uniform then) and was asked if i was a father of a student thee. "no", i replied. Still, he didn't let me in. "Are you a professor?", he asked. "No. Im a student." Needless to saqy he gave me a very hard look as if i were a lunatic or something. Luckily he let me in. Then came the acquaintance party. It was held at the gym and my new-found friends and i decided to skip the boring party and go to a resort in antipolo instead to "unwind". So we left angelicum without anyone knowing where we were. When we arrived home, i was shocked to learn my car (which i left at home) was carnapped. No one knew it was carnapped because they simply assumed i took the car to school. To be on the safe side, my dad and sister went to school to verify, only to find out i didn't attend the acquaintance party! Boy, i never realized my father knew so many sear words.Then came our "drinking days". One time we decided to sneak a drink inside the gym. My friend Nigel brought some rice wine from Ifugao which we drank at the back of the gym. Needless to say, we were drunk silly when we went to english class. Another one of those drinking sessions ended up with my friend giving a report on economics (which he wrote on the board as "ENOMICS"). He wnet on and on with his report which was cut short by our professor, Sir Ed. He told my friend that there was a minor mistake in the report. My friend answered back "Eh galing sa hand-outs niyo tong report ko eh! (hic)". "Kaya nga", replied my prof, "kino-correct ko kasi may mali." My friend, probably because of the "spirit" inside him yelled "EH BAKIT KASI MALI HAND-OUT NIYO!". I never saw a grown man cry until that day. My prof soon tried a different approach. He bribed us with chocolates or our favorite books if we did good in our reports. Sadly, no one took the bait.Yes, those were just some of our adventures in college, and until today, when we have the chance to meet up, we never fail to reminisce about the good ol' days. (More to come next blog).

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sinulog na, Todo na `to! Senor Santo Nino, Thank you

Cebuanos and devotees of the Santo Nino of Cebu are thankful once again to the Child Jesus for keeping the ASEAN summit safe from terrorist attacks. The cebuanos have been known to be downright religious when it comes to their patron, the image of the child Christ.
Incidentally, with the closing of the ASEAN Leaders' Summit comes another reason for Cebu to celebrate: The Sinulog Festival, which features the devotion of cebuanos to the Senor Santo Nino. Foreigners have already started to arrive in the Cebu Capital to join in the festivities, oblivious to the warnings of several embassies regarding travel to the Philippines. Germans, Americans, Australians and others have already staked out the places they want to visit in Cebu and are excited over the fesitivites. 2 ASEAN leaders have also been reported to have extended their stay in the country to join the festivities. Cebu's Sinulog Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in the country.VIVA SANTO NINO!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

new website

my new website is up and running and i will soon add new pages for you. :)

hope you like it. visit it at:

rodel :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year greetings!

Happy new year, everyone. We hope you had a great 2006 and an even greater 2007. With the start of the new year comes new and exciting updates from your mapangurirat. Firs,t my official website is now up and running. You can view my old comic strip "Kukay's World" in the Kukay's World Page of the website. Also, the Banares Clan website will soon be up and running as well, incorporating the banares news and info blog hosted by blogger.