Thursday, January 18, 2007

College Days

Though i went to Adamson University to take up AB Political Arts in the 90's, it was my college days in Angelicum that were the most memorable. On my first day in Angelicum, i was stopped by the guard (i wasn't wearing the prescribed uniform then) and was asked if i was a father of a student thee. "no", i replied. Still, he didn't let me in. "Are you a professor?", he asked. "No. Im a student." Needless to saqy he gave me a very hard look as if i were a lunatic or something. Luckily he let me in. Then came the acquaintance party. It was held at the gym and my new-found friends and i decided to skip the boring party and go to a resort in antipolo instead to "unwind". So we left angelicum without anyone knowing where we were. When we arrived home, i was shocked to learn my car (which i left at home) was carnapped. No one knew it was carnapped because they simply assumed i took the car to school. To be on the safe side, my dad and sister went to school to verify, only to find out i didn't attend the acquaintance party! Boy, i never realized my father knew so many sear words.Then came our "drinking days". One time we decided to sneak a drink inside the gym. My friend Nigel brought some rice wine from Ifugao which we drank at the back of the gym. Needless to say, we were drunk silly when we went to english class. Another one of those drinking sessions ended up with my friend giving a report on economics (which he wrote on the board as "ENOMICS"). He wnet on and on with his report which was cut short by our professor, Sir Ed. He told my friend that there was a minor mistake in the report. My friend answered back "Eh galing sa hand-outs niyo tong report ko eh! (hic)". "Kaya nga", replied my prof, "kino-correct ko kasi may mali." My friend, probably because of the "spirit" inside him yelled "EH BAKIT KASI MALI HAND-OUT NIYO!". I never saw a grown man cry until that day. My prof soon tried a different approach. He bribed us with chocolates or our favorite books if we did good in our reports. Sadly, no one took the bait.Yes, those were just some of our adventures in college, and until today, when we have the chance to meet up, we never fail to reminisce about the good ol' days. (More to come next blog).