Friday, June 18, 2010

Meddlesome Kris

Kris backing Kiko as Senate head | The Philippine Star >> News >> Headlines

Heaven Help Us All!

Kris Aquino is obviously a glutton for punishment. It seems she is not content with all the flak she is getting for involving herself with his brother P-Noy's affairs and has decided to involve herself once more, this time with the race for the Senate Presidency (see above link). I'm sure that later this morning, the blogsphere will be abuzz with blogs about this juicy tidbit.

Kris is already in too much hot water with bloggers for her less than tactful role in "helping" her brother appoint "loyal supporters" to juicy positions in government. She has gotten too many criticisms for suggesting that her brother P-Noy appoint her BFF Boy Abunda as Tourism Secretary. She and Noy defended the planned appointment, saying Boy was more than qualified for the job. But at least several opinion makers and dozens of bloggers have counter-argued that there are others far more qualified than Boy. Luckily for Kris, the issue did not grow into a brouhaha following her BFF's decision to decline the offer. Then there is her offer to Mother Lily to head Optical Media Board, Dingdong Dantes to the National Youth Commission,and God knows who else.

It will be remembered that Kris also got herself (i mean her mouth got her) into a heap of trouble when she said in one of her many TV interviews during the campaign period that she would leave the country if Noynoy is elected (there is the "if" argument by Krizombies: they claim she said she'll leave IF she becomes a problem for Noy). Many counter that she has been a problem not just of Noy but of her mother and other siblings long before Noy ran for office, so the "if" argument, they claim, is moot and academic. But i digress. This statement led to the creation of a Facebook Page called "Kris Aquino's Despedida" or simply known as KAD. Since it was created, over 28,000 people want Kris to keep her word and leave the Country.

You think she'd learn, but no. In an article in, it seems that Kris is again in meddle mode. If sources of are to be believed, Kris herself called up some senators to back Pangilinan's bid for the Senate Presidency. Now I don't know where Kris derives her authority from, but i hope it isn't from his brother. I mean, if she does have the go-ahead of P-Noy, it is a clear violation of the ineendence of a co-equal branch of government. The reason the Executive Department is prevented from meddling into its co-equal branhes of government is simple: check and balance. If the executive has control of the legislative and judicial branches, there is no check and balance. But more importantly, a presidential sister has no right to meddle in political affairs, much less choose who to appoint or put into which department or position.

I pray i am wrong, but if this is a trend we are seeing, we can expect more of Kris' meddling into his brother's affairs in the future. As of now, everyone is keeping a guarded eye on the Presidential Sister and waiting for the the shoe to drop.

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