Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Epic Fail

A big disappointment -- that's what I call the inauguration of the 15th President of the Yellow Brigade. The backdrop was tacky, to say the least, and their desire to make the event simple but elegant in the Obama Inauguration style ultimately ended up as a cross between Madam Auring's psychic shop and a Goldilocks display cabinet.

I heard Mike Enriquez this morning talking about how the inaugural event was proceeding like clockwork. Apparently the organziers' watches were 30 minutes advanced, leaving the diplomatic corps and the rest of the country unsure of what to do. To make up for the huge time gap, singer Noel Cabangon sang impromptu, which didn't really make things classier for the event.

What a rip off for those who got tickets, I tell you. It was as if the inauguration was a dry run for this Sunday's edition of Party Pilipinas. It was funny, in a way, because it could have been given a classy undertone had the inaugural people stuck with just the Philharmonic Orchestra as musical backdrop for the event. Instead, what we saw was the unfortunate demise of the people's respect for APO Hiking Society as a singing group, the mediocre performance of our "most talented artists", and the annoying way we keep crowding and hogging the stage.

Even his inaugural speech was a big disappointment. It was, to say the least, an effort to sound presidential without much brain activity going into the speech writing, which leads me to believe it was the president himself who wrote it. Come on, I could have written a better speech than that! My Educational Reform Speech for Erap was better than that, for crying out loud! And what was that? He actually showed the world (on live TV no less) what a big vindictive ass he is by announcing on his inauguration the creation of a truth commission to investigate his predecessor. What he could have at least done is call a press conference tomorrow to announce that his first executive order was the creation of a truth commission. That would have been presidential. Oh, and the environmentalists aren't happy with his speech, either. Apparently, Noy forgot about the environment in his list of priorities.

Now everyone knows the deal they got when they voted for Penoy, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Already, Penoy is making excuses by blaming the previous administration for everything, and laying the foundation for his failure to keep his campaign promises.

And so, at the end of the day, the 'big moment', that earth-shattering speech everyone was waiting for didn't materialize. the inauguration, which was dubbed the People's Inauguration, was a big disappointment. Many hopes pinned on this man are beginning to fade, and this is just day one of his term as president. The inauguration was an Epic Fail.

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