Friday, May 21, 2010


i apologize for the structure of this blog. i am merely rambling... i ask for your indulgence...

Not very often do i encounter people online who not only share a common belief such as mine, but also enjoy a certain rapport reserved only to the most intimate of acquaintances. I have encountered such people online and it is something i would cherish not because we share one belief, but because even if we do not agree on issues, we can engage the issues with civility and respect. The past few days, i have involved myself in a cause that may seem insignificant to many, but to my mind reflects all that is wrong with our society today.

I will not discuss the issue in particular, mainly because i want to keep that part of my participation limited only to the people i trust, which is to say my college friends, a handful of relatives, and my most trusted online friends. It is enough to say, however, that this particular cause has given me the chance to know many people, their opinions and their passion.

In this particular cause, i have witnessed individuals who possess the literary prowess to engage you in a battle of wits, some who resort to name-calling to weaken your resolve -- and then there are others who talk just for the sake of being able to talk. I have learned to respect them all -- but i must admit that in many instances i find it difficult and a true test of my zen practice to be able to just sit and listen to attacks on my persona. In many instances, i have been called a dumbass, an idiot and a paid hack. But such is life.
Suffice to say, it is my belief that you can find friends everywhere if you look hard enough, and my recent experience has strengthened that belief. I have come to know at least 4 people who have shown me that there is hope for the Philippines, and that hope lies within the passion of these individuals. I am proud to know them, and to be known by them. They are not mere acquiantances, but friends.

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