Saturday, May 29, 2010

Juana Change wants change

Juana Change, that yellow-haired character that was prominent in many of Noynoy Aquino's campaign sorties has been seen on television recently, saying that some Noynoy insiders really don't want change.

A disappointed Mae Paner, Juana Change's real-life persona, went on television to say that she felt betrayed because she really thought that the Aquino campaign could bring about real change-- only to see traditional politicians fighting out for juicy positions in government.

According to Paner in an interview with, "I did not invest my blood, sweat and tears para trapo ang ma-appoint. Those surrounding Noynoy, most of them are sipsip".

Paner resigned from the Aquino campaign mid-March, after realizing that the people surrounding Aquino are exactly the people she was advocating against. Paner realized she was sadly mistaken in believing that the Aquino campaign was treading the moral high ground.

From this blogger's standpoint, it seems that Paner might not be the only person who seems disappointed with the lackluster performance of the daang matuwid campaign. Many, however, choose to remain silent and remain in the sidelines as more and more trapos make their way towards the Aquino anthill.

Recently in the news, Aquino supporters are openly claiming their rightful positions in government, saying that it was only right for them to get positions in government for supporting Aquino. Also recently, Tthe Aquino camp is getting flack over the president-apparent's sister's offer to make actor Joey de Leon an appointee to the Optical Media Board. Kris, in her non-chalant manner, claimed it was a non-issue and that it is only right to offer de Leon the job since he openly supported Noynoy throughout the campaign.

These actions are precisely what Juana change and her group are against. Sadly, it seems that Juana Change's voice will be drowned out by the louder voices that are singing the new administration praises.

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