Thursday, June 30, 2005


Just when you think the political scenario in this country can go no lower, here comes Susan Roces calling for PGMA's resignation. What a cookie world we live in. The widow of a beaten presidential candidate thinks she can do a Cory Aquino -- even holding a press conference where Cory was sworn into office some 19 or so years ago. Susan, in her best performance yet (maybe she can win a Famas for this one as well) made a stirring speech, in the same fashion as Sister Stella L, calling on the President to resign after "Admitting" she cheated. Susan, Susan. Gloria never admitted cheating. She admitted talking to a Comelec official to check on her votes, that's all. Besides, granting without admitting that she did cheat, so what? What does that biblical phrase say? He who is without sin cast the first stone? Not to sound like i'm justifying or even promoting cheating, but let us face it... Who among FPJ's allies have not cheated? In fact, the only reason why La Gloria is still in power is because the opoosition has lost all credibility to lead a new people power. Besides, People Power has long been abused by the people. We are on the verge of becoming an Argentina in the time of Juan Peron, where almost month after month, a new president was "chosen" by Argentina's "guardians of public interest". So who can lead this nation into the "promised land" that the opposition is promoting? Pimentel has lost all credibility, Lacson is obviously too power-hungry, Erap's a has-been, Susan Roces is just a pawn, Rez Cortez is too contrabida material to be qualified, Binay is, well, too ugly and dark (blechhhh!), Linggoy Alcuaz is ummmm, basta, not him, Escudero is too young, Enrile is too Old, Roco is too sick, Eddie Villanueva is too self-righteous. That leaves only Eddie Gil. Yeba...
As i was watching Susan Roces (i turned down the volume because i'm tired of hearing bullshit everyday), i got the impression na this is one woman who is so full of pride that she refuses to acknowledge that her husband lost --- and that she can no longer be first lady. Besides, Susan Roces is another Imelda in the making. All those portrayals of an "ulirang kababaihan" is just that -- portrayals. That isn't what she is in person. Susan, Stay out of the kitchen because aside from not being able to take the heat, the kitchen is not the place where you should be. You are not the appointed mother of the nation so stop trying to build yourself up as one. Matanda ka na, lead a peaceful life.