Friday, June 10, 2005


While most of the media are having a field day with the allegations of whistle-blower Sandra Cam, the Philippine Daily Inquirer's issue today included a small backgrounder on this so-called heroine from Bicolandia. Cam is a native of the little-known town of Batuan inMasbate. She is the 9th in a brood of 10, was schooled at the Batauan Elementary School, Alindogan High School and took up journalism at ta university in Manila, based on reports from Camp Simeon Ola in LEgaspi City.

This woman, who is so self-righteous as to appear so untainted after the fact that she is the bag woman of jueteng in Bicol is not only, in my opinion, sa nut case but a serious threat to the stability of the nation. No amount could ever equal this woman's desire to be placd in the pedestal of people's admiration. A brave fighter, they say? I dare say NOT. This woman, for all her alleged high-level knowledge is nothing more than a woman who is after recognition and nothing else.
Her statement is no different from so many alleged jueteng brokers or bag-persons since the time of Cory Aquino. These are all rehashed by some disgruntled political entity whose cling to power slowly eroded by the legal and constitutional mandate received by GMA. Sure, GMA is not perfect, she has her flaws, but that is the nature of a human being. After all that has been said and done, GMS, despite her shortcomings and despite all the coups and rebellions and revolutions thrown against her still remains standing --- a proof hat her mandate is founded solidly on the people whose sole wish it is for her to stay on until her term expires. As for Cam, go home. You are no more than a patsy in this political game. What will you have gained after everything you have done? nothing. You will lose your friends, your family will abandon you, no one will dare hire you --- and all because you tried to peddle a lie and tried to destroy the president. BY the way, don't accuse Mike Arroyo of being a jueteng lord. If you have done research, you would've found out that the Tuazons and Arroyos are already rich --- landed rich. They belong to the old rich. The areas of Ateneo, Loyola Heights and some parts of Marikina used to be part of Hacienda Tuazon. They have lots of money... they don't need to engage in jueteng. Some, on the other hand, would peddle lies and untruths just to get a few million pesos. tsk. For shame!