Tuesday, February 01, 2005

all i can offer

There comes a point in someone’s life when he feels completely and utterly helpless-- the feeling that your hands are tied and cannot do anything to help a friend. You know who you are and I really feel for you. I can understand how painful it must be but I think only you can say how much it actually truly hurts. I know the feeling when you think about a problem and your heart feels like it is being squeezed of all its life and all you can do is accept it. You find it hard to breathe, and you feel like you're going to die. I know that feeling for i have been through that, too. Honestly, it pains me to see you in pain, and it hurts me to see and hear you cry, but I will never shy away from my responsibility of being there for you when you need someone to listen or when you need someone to cry with. I have nothing to offer you, my friend, except a guarantee that I will always be by your side, always ready to hold your hand and give you my shoulder to cry on. I will be there when evening comes and loneliness sets in. I will be there when you want to shout out loud, or when you just want to stare silently into the void. I will be there when you feel like talking or if you need someone to just listen. I will be there with you long after you heal, and I will be there even after you’ve been given the peace you so richly deserve. I will gladly take your place and carry your burden if only to see you truly happy. This is all I can offer you, my friend. I hope that is enough.