Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The person who a year ago tried to pass herself off as one of my contacts here in multiply has reared his/her ugly head again, and this time she's calling heerself Goddess and her "loyal followers", disciples. Wow! talk about cult culture in the RP. Amelia Ng, or so she calls herself, is active once more and i was tipped off by a "concerned citizen" about her recent activity. TI decided to join her Yahoo Group to investigate. I guess i was found out because the next day they closed the group and she required all her old members to submit pics and personal info. I've written about these impostors on the web, be it friendster, myspce, multiply etc. Sure, i agree with buwayaman of philippines for men, this may not be in league as phishing, but it is virtually the same. Someone uses your pictures to lure men (and even women) to view your site and entice them to send you money or call cards in exchange for a promise of a sex eyeball. Poor person in the picture! A victim without even realizing it.

Recently, i heard that even the great Thespian Master Tony Mabesa has not been spared from these impostors. Someone opened a friendster account in friendster using Tony's name. I havent seen the site myself but have heard from others that the fake Mabesa friendster account has some libelous content.

So a fair warning to our friends on Multiply: BEWARE. You dont know who may grab your photos and claim it as theirs. You might wake up one day and find out your the "reyna ng haliparot". Hala.