Thursday, December 20, 2007

On IBP's "objection" to the "Culture of Corruption" of this Administration

My apologies to my lawyer relatives, friends and contacts.

My father was a lawyer, God rest his soul. I have been brought up following the wheelings and dealings of a filipino lawyer practicing the law profession in this country. My father was an honest lawyer, to a point. He knew which strings to pull to get positive response for his clients. He knew, as we say, how to grease the wheels of justice. So for the IBP to say that they are aghast over the "Culture of Corruption" is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. The practice is so filled with this so called culutre that it is often joked that an honest lawyer is a dead one. I guess this is hypocrisy at its finest. Sure, there may be honest lawyers out there, in some backward province where the practice of law comprise of notarization and petty cases. A lawyer who pratices religiously by the rules ends up in the losing side of the case. Lawyers may find this staement "objectionable", but let us face facts. Four of my uncles are lawyers, one of them was once managing partner to a very big law firm in Makati. They knew how to play the game -- calling in favors here, slipping a little "grease" there. Lawyers will deny that this practice is done, much like the way they might deny that they rehearse their witnesses before calling them to the stand, but that is the way things work. After all, if they don't do it, the other side will. And in a court case, no one wants to be on the losing team. The culture of corruption so vehemently objected to by the IBP of this administration is the very culture that keeps their practice succesful.