Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Lifestyles of the Obscenely Rich and Famous (the High-Society Scandal of the year!)

People who go online are all agog about the latest and juiciest scandal to rock the Metro! The DJ Montano Scandal is hitting the blog community like a tsunami, with big-name personalities being dragged into shocking revelations.

The controversial blog,, authored by Brian Gorell, has received a million hits, according to one blogger's estimate. Although the claims are primarily unsubstantiated, the promise of the blogger to reveal all documents and even Western Union receipts to back his claim is throwing people into a frenzy.

That ever popular and ultra-controversial venue of yuppie high society, Embassy, has been dragged into the fray with accusations of cocaine snorting inside Embassy itself. Of course, this is merely a one-sided accusation, but tsizmosos are already having a field day.

With so many high-society people mentione din the very revealing blog (i think the author calls them the Gucci Gang), more and more people will be attracted to his site.

I am not saying everything written there is gospel truth, but i have to admit it makes for one intersting, and provocative read.