Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glad to be back online

it's been only a couple or so weeks and yet it feels like a decade since i last wrote a blog (much less open my site) on Multiply. My absence has something to do with the "Artist's Way", a way of "unblocking" my "artisitic talents", so to speak. You see, the one art form i really really would love to do is sculpting, but for one reason or other i failed to do so. Now i am putting my artistic endeavors back on track. This "unblocking" thingy comes at a very positive point in my life, all of them pretty good. So thanks for all you peeps who sent me their e-mails and text messages asking why i haven't been online for so long. Well, i will try to be online as often as i can, i promise.

Until then, Gassho!