Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lacson goes bonkers

The Honorable (pweh) Ping Lacson has fired the first shot in what will be a very interesting 2010 election. The target of his volley: The Senate President himself, Manny Villar. The problem with Lacson's volley is that it doesn't hold water. Insertions into the budget are allowed, and it was made clear to me by a PDI reporter that it was Lacson himself who signed for the insertion (which allegedly went to the road to nowhere c5 project).

So Lacson's salvo backfired and now he is claiming (and i heard him say this on radio) that it was not him but Villar who made the issue "political". Whhhaaaat??? is he out of his mind?! The moment Lacson made the accusation and was supported by Jaj-ja-ja-Jambi "mana po" Madrigal, it was already political! Now they're trying to turn the tables! Lacson was also heard over DZBB saying that it was Villar's fault for making the issue political because he (Villar) was "ill-advised" by his "advisers".

Lacson further stated that Villar could have answered the allegations directly and should not have taken it as a political attack by a colleague. My God, Ping, Villar has a far better record than you will ever have so if I were you i'd just shut the f--k up before the sh-t really hits the fan it hits you right on the face.