Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zendo Anniversary

Louie, EJ, Jade and I spent Monday at the Zendo in preparation for this coming Sunday's Zendo Anniversary. Louie found some old photos dating back to the construction of the "new" wing of the zendo (which includes the dormitory and the zendo hall itself).

We managed to put up 3 photo exhibits: a history of the zendo in pictures, the Leyte Memorial Sesshin (which was attended by Fr. Willigis Jaeger,Fr. Hugo Enome La Salle and Sister Elaine MacInnes), and The Zendo images (shots of the zendo done in black and white).

We also took out from the closet some rare memorabilia of the zendo. Rollie senei and I will be exhibiting some of our buddhas from our collection as well.