Monday, March 09, 2009


This word would make a great title for a movie (meron na ba?). Just a few days ago i was reading in the news report that Mancao is willing to be extradited back to the Philippines to shed light on the death of PR Man Bubby Dacer. Mancao, mind you, has not mentioned any name yet when lo and behold, Panfilo Lacson called a press conference saying he is afraid that the present government will use Mancao to pin him as the mastermind in the
Dacer-Corbito double slay. Wow! Talk about paranoia! Ping, who was mum about the entire slay case for so many years suddenly speaks his mind. Could it be that there is another reason why he is suddenly reacting to Mancao's exteadition? Could there be a deeper reason behind this paranoia OTHER THAN an allevged plot by the GMA government to pin him to the crime? Hmmm.... fishy-fishy.... I am suddenly reminded of Bart Simpson: "I didn't do it... nobody saw me do it.. you can't prove anything". The last sentence and the rest of the bolg are not necesarily related ha. :D