Monday, October 11, 2010


For the life of me, i cannot understand why Usec. Rico Puno, of all people, would be spared from any responsibility for the botched hostage rescue attempt last August 23 which killed 8 Hong Kong nationals. Penoy himself made it clear that he assigned Puno to the DILG specifically to handle the Philippine National Police. What does Puno have on Penoy to make the President bow to this low-life scum?

But hey, it's Penoy's funeral. Somehow, former National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales' statement that Penoy is on a self-destruct mode seems to hold water. Even some of my firends who are staunch supporters of Penoy are starting to question his decision to spare his BFF from prosecution, despite the result of the IIRC investigation.

Why in hell did Penoy even create the IIRC when he knew from the start that he will have the last say on the matter? He only made a fool of Laila De Lima who performed an exemplary job, only to be sidelined in the end.

What we are seeing from the Palkace is a clear sign of a whitewash. The Palace has no intention of finding out the truth but is more itnerested in saving the Presidential friends from taking responsibility.

What a sham.

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