Friday, December 10, 2010

Curses! Foiled Again!

Wily Coyote vs. the Road Runner

If life were a cartoon show, I'd be laughing my ass off. The clever plot of the wily coyote to capture the dastardly road runner backfired for the nth time. This is how I tend to look at the plot of the present administration to push it's Truth Commission geared towards Penoy's imagined arch-nemesis, Gloria Arroyo. Sadly, life isn't a cartoon, and the infantile efforts of Penoy and his legal team to push the Truth Commission down Juan dela Cruz's throat isn't funny anymore.

Penoy is living the life of her mother all over again, copying everything she has done -- so logically, if Cory had Marcos, Penoy must have a Gloria. In a press conference the other night, i heard the Yellow Leader say in essence that the Truth Commission was meant to put some sort of closure on a "dark chapter" of our history (naks! feeling superhero si gago!) And guess what? I'm not the only one who thinks the same thing (well, not so much the gago part). Bobby Tiglao wrote the same thing in his column in the Inquirer yesterday! Yan ang tunay na Hindi ka nagiisa.


Penoy's actions remind me of the movie Psycho (with a pinoy touch), with Penoy playing Norman Bates. I could actually picture Penoy sitting in the presidential chair, wearing a curly wig and yellow duster, looking out the window of Malacanang. I can see him obsessing over La Gloria, while his alter-ego (the mother) tells him he must destroy the woman. The pinoy touch is that every plot he hatches backfires...

Curses, Foiled Again!

The Palace's recent setback, the EO No. 1 fiasco, has shown Penoy spiraling on the very brink of insanity when he implied that his allies will begin impeachment proceedings versus the current Chief Justice. One can simply surmise that this is because the First Brat did not get his way again. Good for us that none of his allies are biting (at least for now).

Even the Senate is playing it cool and not jumping into the issue like rabid attacks dogs of their master -- and with good reason. They know what would happen if all branches of government start warring with each other. I guess this is why many were surprised when Penoy went on the offensive again, hurling accusations and insinuations against the High Court. My God, is he that stupid to realize that he setting his yellow zombies up for a people power vs. the SC?

King of Lala Land

Penoy is living in a Quixotic delusion, a dream world of sorts. He thinks that he is a revolutionary president, having recently just toppled the past administration. He thinks that he is king of the Filipinos, and that his word is law. He thinks that Executive Orders are actually Royal declarations, where the king's orders must be carried out forcefully and without delay. He lives in a fantasy where he is adored by each and every one of his constituents, and that those who dare go against him are agents of evil. Someone really has to douse him with cold water and wake him from this dream.


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