Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Statement of the Reyes Children


For the past few years, many different people have spoken and written about our father, Angelo T. Reyes, in newspapers, television, radio and public gatherings. Unfortunately, some of these accounts have been grossly inaccurate, terribly unfair and downright vicious. We suppose that's part of the price a public servant has to pay. But it pains us greatly that a good and kind-hearted man like our Papa can be maligned so casually.

Allow us to set the record straight on the real Angie Reyes:

He was a dedicated soldier for 39 years, putting God and Country above self, but not once did he forget to call his wife and children every single day--whenever and wherever he was assigned in the country or the world.

He was known to demand the best from his subordinates, striving for excellence in any endeavor, but would find contentment in eating corned beef, monggo and sardines.

He was an outstanding alumnus of Harvard University and the Asian Institute of Management but could easily strike up a sincere conversation even with the lowest ranking soldier, policeman, or barangay tanod.

He was the nemesis of kidnappers, drug dealers, smugglers, and terrorists but was helpless as his granddaughter put lipstick on him.

He was a four-star general, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the conqueror of Camp Abubakr, but not once had he thought twice about kissing and embracing his wife and sons in public.

He was instrumental in EDSA 2 where he had to withdraw support from President Estrada for the higher interest of the nation but was man enough to go to MalacaƱang and face the beleaguered president to perform his final duty.

He was a political appointee but never participated in unproductive political bickering. He had never spoken ill of anyone in public--not even those who openly or secretly attacked him.

He was one of the busiest and hardest-working Cabinet members but always found time to visit his 95-year-old mother almost everyday and would take her out to dinner on weekends when she was still alive.

To us, his children, he was and will forever be, our idol--and no amount of ridiculous rumors, intrigues and accusations from the ignorant, the envious, and those who have nothing better to do than to cowardly criticize him, will ever change that.

Bogie, Jett, Marc, Carlo and Judd Reyes