Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Vengeance-Hungry Aquino II Admin claims its Second Life

First, it was the unsubstantiated accusations against former Defense Chief Angelo Reyes, now it's the new DBP Board's witch-hunt. In both cases, Reyes and Benjamin Pinpin (a brilliant lawyer for DBP) committed suicide due to stress and depression.

Benjamin Pinpin committed suicide by hanging himself inside an undisclosed hotel room a few days ago. Emil Jurado, in his column for Manila Standard Today dated August 4 wrote:

It seems that the new DBP Board is trying to discredit the old board through falsehoods and half-truths. This seems to be the trend nowadays with the Aquino II regime and its appointed henchmen. The way these people dig up old cases or invent new ones just to put the previous administration in a bad light is sorry enough, but to cause a person to sign a false affidavit that led to his suicide is pure evil.

All of these actions just to link the former first gentleman Mike Arroyo to alleged anomalies. I'm beginning to see an evil pattern woven by this administration -- and that is to come up with dirt against the past administration BY ALL MEANS AVAILABLE -- and that, it now seems, to include falsifying documents. In an article by Doris C. Dumlao that appeared on, she wrote:

Pinpin, who had worked at the documentation unit of the DBP’s legal department, was among the 20 employees who were given “show cause” letters by the DBP board. Industry sources said that as of last week, Pinpin had signed an affidavit to support allegations that the DBP’s P510 million loan to Delta Venture Resource Inc., a company led by former Trade Minister Roberto V. Ongpin, was anomalous.

Although the loan had long been settled ahead of maturity, it was widely believed within the DBP that some people in the new board were attempting to dig deeper into the transaction on suspicion that the paper trail would eventually lead to former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. Many employees have not been happy with the way the investigation was being handled and were concerned that this was disrupting the organization, banking sources said.

Ongpin, a local partner and representative of the British banking giant Ashmore, which has over $50 billion in assets under management globally, has denied allegations of fronting for his friend Arroyo and challenged critics to show proof otherwise.

According to people familiar with the suicide notes left by Pinpin, the lawyer had thought he could absolve himself and save his family by signing an affidavit. “Signing the affidavit was the biggest mistake of my life,” based on excerpts of the notes circulating among DBP employees. “I exposed myself by going beyond the truth.” (highlighting by mapangurirat)

But DBP employees are no longer keeping silent. They are up in arms over what the new board is doing, which is in all honesty, a witch hunt. Many are aghast by the steps being taken by the new board to please their appointive powers up in the upper echelons of the executive branch. Again, in Emil Jurado's column dated 4 Agugust 2011, he mentioned a text message being circulated by employees of the DBP which reads:

It is sad that some people have to come up with lies under the pretense of truth just to make it appear that they are better than their predecessors. It now appears that far from the alleged straight path, these people are taking the crooked path in order to make themselves look good, and their enemies look bad. But i firmly believe that no amount of lies can cover the truth. All these so-called evidences being paraded about like prized shetland ponies are nothing but show pieces, eye candy with no bite. Is it any wonder why until now, no cases are being filed against their vilified enemies?

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