Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My memories of EDSA 2

I remember watching the impeachment trial of Erap Estrada and suddenly the whole prosecution walked out of the Senate Session Hall. Instinctively, i reached for my cell phone, called up Nigel and Doc, and after setting up a designated meeting area, jumped into my 80's lancer box type. Just as i was leaving the driveway, my mom, who just arrived after watching Ms. Saigon with her amigas, asked me where i was going and i told her that history is unfolding and that i need to get to EDSA fast. I was smart enough to park inside the Meralco compund where my sister works and walked to the EDSA shrine. But i couldnt see my friend nigel anywhere! So i grabbed the phone, called him up and he sad "Nasa ilalim ako ng walis tambo na kumakaway". I saw the tambo, but i couldnt see him. It turnes out that we had our backs to each other. Since that night, we religiosly went on vigil until ERAP was ousted or resigned. We had our little private joke about EDSA II as well. Delegations from Ateneo and La Salle were so many that they had to be ferried by buses to EDSA. When their delegations were called, everyone of them would shout and chant their school name. When it was our turn to be called, the announcer said "Palakpakan din natin ang delegation ng Angelicum! Ayon silang dalawa!". Boy! Whatta experience that was! But it was a great experience that gave us lots of happy memories. (Ang kwento ng May 1 rebellion sa susunod na blog!)

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