Monday, February 13, 2006


Erap's birthday celebration last weekend in San Juan was a strange event to behold. The once respected Corazon Aquino and her former Justice secretary Franklin Drilon were seen posing with the deposed Erap Estrada in his residence in San Juan. No one would have thought that Erap, a Marcos boy through and through would eventually link hands with Cory and Drilon who were instrumental in his ouster years ago. Indeed, politics do make for strange bedfellows. This clearly manifests the insincerity of the this particular faction of the opposition just so they can oust a legally-elected president (and sitting) of the Republic. It has become obvious that there is a clear and concentrated effort from the opposition, aided by leftist groups (the same leftist groups who were in EDSA 2 demanding ERAP to resign!) to bring back to power a deposed president. Then there's the Hyatt 10 led by the traitor Dinky Soliman and aided by Butch Abad of Batanes (who I heard has a very beautiful albeit expensively-decorated house in Batanes). For the record, the opposition's overlord ERAP should remain in Tanay for the duration of his life (which some pray be less than a year). He should bring with him his senator-son Jinggoy. After all, Erap's domain there is heavily wooded and would be ideal for monkeys like the father-son tandem. And now, as I am writing this blog, who else is hogging the limelight and riding on the ULTRA stampede tragedy but the native Ita from Makati, Jejomar Binay blaming the president for everything from poverty to, who knows, athlete's foot. Why not blame Gloria for the Egypt ferry sinking as well? Should the opposition now pin the blame on Gloria for martial law? I don't discount that happening for after all, Cory and Drilon have shown their true political colors. Ninoy must be turning in his grave! Oh well, politics in this country is like that. We can hate one political figure now and love him the next. That is how politics is done here in this country. Again, politics make for strange bedfellows.