Friday, December 08, 2006

What's the fuzz about cha-cha?

Honestly, i don't see the point about all the fuzz being made by charter change through a convening of a constituent assembly. America had their constitution changed more tha ten times, for God's sake, and they're supposed to be the bastion of democracy! And now we're crying foul because we believe cha-cha is illegal and unconstituional? Then why bother with a provision that allows for ammendments if we won't allow ammendments to be made in the first place? Kinda stupid, when you think about it. Now, if we're all concerned about the people and how cha-cha will affect them, then let the people decide for themselves when they choose to ratify or not the ammendments. Another funny thing about the people crying foul like the El Shaddai is that, before, they were dead set against a constituional convention, and now that the cha-cha is being fast-tracked in congress, they syuddenly changed their tune and decided that a constitutional convention would be the best alternative to a constituent assembly. Make up your mind, brother mike Velarde! Are you in or out? We can't be half-way in or out on this issue. Take sides. I have! And i've taken the pro-cha-cha side. Does that make me a fascist? Of course not. That is the essence of democracy. It is proof that democracy is alive and well in this country.