Monday, December 18, 2006

X'mas party pics!!!

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late blog regarding our saturday night's xmas party. I just uploaded the pics of our party. Medyo kaunti lang nga but i hope you like them just the same. :)

Saturday night's party saw the reunion of old friends like Ferdz Lim and wife Aimee, Jackie and our host Poppo, Pooh and Ayds Aguirre, Noel Young and Luwi Balboa. We were joined later in the night by Popp's younger sister Pami. It was fun. 9 good friends partook in a feast of sisig, chicharon bulaklak, 3 crispy patas, pork kaldereta, a yellow cab pizza, 3 yellow cab pastas, Jackie's mouth-watering cheese cake and 2 cases of beer, and lots of softdrinks. BURP! We had a grand time reminsicing about old times, jokes all around about my "political affiliations", Pooh's "gantihan moments", Ayd's new hairdo and playing billards. It was fun and we're definitely looking forward to more! Thanks to Jackie and Poppo, Luwi and Noel for their gifts and Adrian who offered to drive us home. :) Merry Christmas, guys.

Poppo, Ferdz and Aimee, Ate Rose and Noel gathered around the
table at Poppo's residence in Quezon City.

Jhackie G. and our host Poppo

Ferdz Lim with wife Aimee

The future Bata Reyes and Alcano, Adrian Aguirre