Monday, January 14, 2008

Missing Person

I was told by my niece about this story and i am reposting it here on mapangurirat to help the family of Mackoy who has been missing since Jan. 3. If you have seen this person (photo can be found below), please send me a message or contact 0920 4185353.

Here is the blog from Kat, Mackoy's friend, in full:

Mackoy’s parents and uncles were here during the weekend. Jang and I met with them last Saturday. They told us that the SM Baguio security group allowed them to see the surveillance tape recordings taken last January 3, at the time when Mackoy supposedly withdrawed from his ATM account.

They saw Mackoy in one of the tapes.

It was him.

He was in SM Baguio last January 3.

This gives us hope that he is okay here somewhere. They say he had a haircut (so it’s not anymore wavy), was wearing a new shirt (grey) and shoes, faded denim pants, and watch (presumably new also, because he doesn’t usually wear one), he was carrying a small black bag, and he had a red folder tucked beneath an arm. They say he looked like he was looking for a job.

This narrows down our search, but at the same time we are confused all the more.

Why isn’t he contacting his family and friends? His parents just want to know if he is okay, why all of a sudden he goes missing. As of January 3, Mackoy is alive and well. His parents said that it didn’t look like he was in any trouble.

This Jan 23 was supposed to be his final interview for a promotion at Starbucks. We are puzzled why he would throw away an opportunity which he worked hard for. As of now, Starbucks says that if he doesn’t show up soon, he will lose his job. But if he does, and if he has a valid reason for disappearing, then he will retain his job.

When we last saw each other (around September), he told me that if ever he decides to visit Baguio, that he will contact me. So far, nada. I don’t know if he knows any one else here. When I was still working at the coffee shop, and was telling him of my plans to move here, he said (repeatedly) that he also wants to transfer here. He is also fascinated by the place, though he said that he might also move to Sagada eventually.

I worked with Mackoy for seven months at Starbucks Metrowalk (Pasig City). He was one of those whom I spent a considerable amount of time with (during and after work), so he was one of the few Metrowalk baristas who I got to know quite well.

Mackoy is the eldest of three boys. We know him to be a very responsible son and brother. He’s an easy-going guy who can also be serious when you need him to be. He is a loyal friend, fiercely protective especially to us girls.

If he has a problem, you will easily notice it as he becomes quiet and pensive, but surely there were more times when he used his being “kenkoy” to mask his real feelings. So, right now we are also considering the possibility that we can’t find him because he simply doesn’t want to be found.

But we are puzzled as to why he isn’t contacting his parents yet, Mackoy is not the type who would make his parents worry to this extent.

We don’t exactly know where he is now (we hope he is still here in Baguio), why he is missing, and who would think of doing something bad to him.

The police advised us to check the morgues, worst case scenario, they said. And so I asked Jang to call the morgues, and we found out that there are NO unidentified bodies in either of the two Baguio morgues. But there are still many what ifs.

We are still to check the hospitals, and it’s going to be scary, but we (Mackoy’s family and his friends) are going to do whatever it takes to find a lead on where he is right now. His parents say that photos of him are already plastered in the Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Manila areas. We posted a missing person notice in the most prominent Baguio newspaper, and we also posted blotters at the Baguio, San Fernando (La Union), and Isabela police. ABS-CBN is helping out the family, and we are working the radio circuits. A number of friends had also volunteered to help.

We are asking for your prayers. Thank you.

This is how he looks like with short hair, and the other photo shows the red hat he usually wears.